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Progress Report – Megan

Reasons for Fasting: Overall health and wellbeing. Need to make great changes in a short period of time and make them stick this time.

Intended Length of Fast: 7 day + 30 day + 7 day

First Name: Megan
City, State and Country: Canada
Sex: female
Age: 21
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5’5”

Proposed Fasting Method: water with a 7 day juice fast before and after.

Past Fasting Experience: 15 day water; 28 day juice. Both times it lowered my symptoms and significantly improved my quality of life however I slipped back into bad habits after they ended.

Present Diet: semi vegetarian low calorie diet

Present Medical Problems: chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea, athsma, back and joint problems, migraines, endometriosis

State of Mind: Mixed. Excited for that feeling of being in control and elated existence in the second half of the fast and slightly concerned that this will not have the impacts I need it to have.

First, I am did drink a lot of coffee (2-3 12 cup pots per day). I have successfully cut back to 4 cups per day in the last few months however I am curious whether continuing to have one cup per day in the beginning stages of the fast will be hugely detrimental.
Secondly as I suffer from inflammation I have been taking supplements (natural anti-inflamatories serrapepatase and holy basil). I was told to continue them on my juice fast last year and I was told not to take anything on my water fast three years ago. Do you recommend I discontinue them through the 30 day water fast?

Response By Tom Coghill: Yes have one cup a day for 3 days. The headaches will be intense and you will feel lethargic and down.

There are many bad reactions from taking any supplements during water fasting.  You may need a longer fast for significant reduction of your health problems.  Are you using a juice extractor?

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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