Progress Report -Tiffany

Reasons for Fasting: Healing of neuropathy, fatigue, and heart problems.

Intended Length of Fast: 30 days or how ever long it takes.
First Name: Tiffany

Site User Name:tiffany3016

City, State and Country: Wichita, KS USA





Proposed Fasting Method: Lacto-fermented white grape juice

Past Fasting Experience: One day for religious reasons

Present Diet: Whatever looks good :)

Relevant Medical History: None until 2007

Present Medical Problems: Fatigue, excess fluid around heart, sporadic tingling in mouth, eyes, head, shoulders, feet.

State of Mind: Worried/hopeful


If a butterfly could talk of its experience of changing from a crawling insect into a multi-colored, graceful, flying creation, it would most likely be saying the words I felt in my heart. My healing through the 40 days of juice fasting gave back what drugs took away. Thanks for your support Tom. You were a good friend when I needed one.-Carl Wineberg
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At the end of the 17-day fast, a physical problem was gone. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life, but after the fast I no longer had that disease; I was completely healed. Thanks Tom, your books and support was fabulous.-Grace Lang
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I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. The books were a total support and read them several times, especially when detoxing and feeling apathetic. I heard you have a new book coming out. Save my email, I want it.-Debbie Ried
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On the 27th of August 2001 I began a 30 day juice fast. I didn’t actually plan to do 30 days, it seemed impossible to even think of. I just began and thought I’d see where it went. Now I stand in amazement. You asked what I thought of your books. OUTSTANDING!!!-Gray Hodge
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This is the information I have been searching for. So clear, so commons sense, I wonder why I missed it. When I was younger, I was an athlete, but now.... 20 years later, oh no. But, you gave me new vision and inspiration. Second day of my juice fast and my wife is loves the recipe book. I would recommend these books to anyone how needs a life overhaul.-Juan Callion
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Ok, I now know just how messed up I am. The chapters on the emotions and eating hit home. I am planning a fast but, I know that I need to rebuild and cleanse my mind of all the toxic thinking and emotions that make me want to hide in the pleasures of food. I feel alive for the first time in many years. Keep on going, Tom you have helped me more than my words can express.-Suzie Bilinere
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Looking at Moreno Tuguinay now, I am amazed. The transformation from a sickly man to a beaming, positively hopeful one, free of all those health problems which have plagued him through the years is simply remarkable – and all achieved without taking any drugs, just juice fasting for a month. For a physician trained in conventional medicine, this is an eye opener.-Dr. Clare Lalwet
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When I started this fast I was taking about 20 pills a day, 4 different prescriptions. Now, after completing a 20 day fast, I am on no prescription medications. I have lost 25 pounds. And I have no swelling in my face, ankles or feet as before.-Steph White
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Claudine Lost 21 lbs. and Healed arm, Spiritual Renewal The result of the fast was amazing... my arm was healed miraculously. What a joy to feel no more pain.-Claudine
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Paul Erwin Lost 12lbs. and Increased Energy My increased vitality was brought home to me one morning after a nearly sleepless night as an on-call chaplain in our local hospital. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but instead I had an energetic and fulfilling day.-Paul Erwin
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Brian Chason Lost 28 lbs. and Increased Enegy and Stamina During the process I learned a few things, some of which I put into practice. Some of the changes that have taken place include clearer sinuses from a reduction in milk; a weight loss of 28 pounds, with eight inches lost from my waist. I really enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now!-Brian Chason
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Elaine Harrison Lost 40 lbs. and Healed Stiffness in the Spine. Specialists had told me that ” full flexibility could not be restored to the spine,” but after five days of fasting I could bend from my waist. Since I broke that fast, I have lived a hygienic-vegetarian diet for the last five years.-Elaine Harrison
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Elizabeth Davidson Healed a Raspy Throat, Drug Addiction, Cancer of the Cervix Remission The fast was ended with a light vegetarian diet. Later I learned she had had cancer of the cervix and tests showed it had gone into remission. Again, fasting had proven its miraculous abilities to cure.-Elizabeth Davidson
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Carl Wineberg Lost 140 lbs and Healed Water retention, Damaged Nerves, Liver and Kidney Damage, Self-esteem. My liver was swollen to the size of a football. I was a 270-lb., burned out drug addict... After 40 days of juice fasting, there was a metamorphosis from a sickly, unstable human into someone vibrant with health and well being. The swelling on my right side from my liver had disappeared completely. I'm off drugs permanently.-Carl Wineberg
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Debbie Ried Healed Water Retention and Lost 30 lbs. I had run out of hope of ever feeling better again. I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. The headaches and the swelling due to water retention disappeared.-Debbie Ried
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4 Responses to Progress Report -Tiffany

  1. Tom Coghill Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Tiffany,
    Grape juice can be acidic long term on a fast. Mixing it with water can help if your stomach get sore. Do you have a juicer?

  2. tiffany3016 tiffany3016 says:

    Hi Tom, I know grape juice is acidid, especially once it’s been lacto-fermented, because the bacteria consume the sugar and turn it into acid. Which is helpful in one sense because my body would not be able to handle all the sugar in grape juice. I have tried that before and it wasn’t pretty! So in order to deal with the high acidity of the juice, I will be limiting my intake to around 2 quarts per day, and mixing it with water. In addition to that, I will be taking 1/4 tsp. of baking soda mixed w/ water to neutralize the acid level in my stomach. Baking soda is awesome for neutralizing acid fast, but it is salt so too much can be harmful so that’s why I am limiting it to a total of 2 tsp. per day, which is with-in the daily recommended amount.
    I do not have a juicer, my focus has been mainly on the science of lacto fermenting the juice prior to consuming, for the purpose of lowering sugar content of the juice, and destroying lectin proteins.

  3. healthyhappyrose healthyhappyrose says:

    Welcome Tiffany!
    I am on day 5 of 30 of a water and juice fast.
    I pray you find the results you seek in better health through fasting.

    • tiffany3016 tiffany3016 says:

      I haven’t started my fast yet, ran into some problems last week. I plan to start on 8/19!

      Hey Rose, good luck! I hope the fast is going good for you. Are you doing it for healing?

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