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Fasting Progress Report – Sonya

Reasons for Fasting:To heal my ear drum

Intended Length of Fast:3 days

First Name:Sonya

Last Name:Asamoah

Site User Name:Sonya

City, State and Country:Chicago il ,cook county




Height:5ft 9 in

Proposed Fasting Method:drinking only water

Past Fasting Experience:It was hard

Present Diet:none

Relevant Medical History:none

Present Medical Problems:none

State of Mind:worried


Posted on by Tom Coghill

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One Response to Fasting Progress Report – Sonya

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Sonya,
    I always recommend juice fasting with a juicer for therapeutic results. If this is a long term infection you should take nano silver or colloidal silver.