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Water Fasting Progress Report -Jameelah

Reasons for Fasting: Weight Loss
Intended Length of Fast: 23 days
First Name: Jameelah
Site User Name: Mdnytsun
City, State and Country: Los Angeles
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Weight: 5”
Height: 250 lbs
Proposed Fasting Method: water
Past Fasting Experience: juice fasting periodically for about 3 weeks, dry fasting 3 days
Present Diet: junk food at least 2 times a day
Relevant Medical History: none
Present Medical Problems: none
State of Mind: ready for a change
Limitations: addicted to junk food

I have fasted periodically over the years (usually juice fasting..and once dry fasting). The main problem I have when fasting is BOREDOM. I eat when I’m bored and I have been really bored over the past 2 years as my weight has ballooned up to 250 pounds! I have been called a good cook but I HATE to eat my cooking so I resort to fast food almost EVERY day! I am a JUNKIE with a $300 dollar a week habit!

Posted on by mdnytsun

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17 Responses to Water Fasting Progress Report -Jameelah

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jameelah,
    The mind is indeed a dangerous thing. Thoughts can kill us one addiction at a time. One of the thing I gained along this journey is that peace is more important that money, fame, or possession. Once you have it you will fight to keep it but you know its value. Fasting is a journey of detoxifying our thoughts. If you do that your life will be very different. Go to and get some ideas. The book was my journey to freedom.

  2. mdnytsun says:

    Thanks for the link Tom. I read through several enlightening articles and I am determined to make this a summer of change. I developed weight “issues” in the 5th grade brought on by comments by my mother and grandmother. I was told I had “tree trunk” legs and that I needed to start walking–away from the table! Now mind you I was in no way overweight. I was eating healthy (there was little to no junk food in the house) and I exercised regularly ( I was a starting member of the school’s basketball team). However because my body image was not similar to theirs (my grandmother was a size 6, my mom a size 2-6 all her life , and my sister as size 4-6) then something was “wrong” with me at a size 7/8. At that point I began to starve myself (eating little to no “home cooking”) then binging on junk food that I would sneak into my room once the hunger became too much. I struggled with my weight all through high school, never getting larger than a size 10 but I always felt extremely overweight. Then in college I met a man and stopped eating, dropping down to a beloved size six. I later married him and because I had not dealt with my “issues” they manifested in my marriage…they say God works in mysterious ways. I ignored previous comments from my husband about my weight (he always apologized when I became visibly upset) and I later became pregnant with my only child. Then the comments intensified…at 6 months pregnant I could still fit into my size 8 jeans but stretch marks began to appear on my belly (i always had a flat tummy) and my husband was horrified. He informed me that I did not need to get any bigger. I was pregnant for goodness sake! Needless to say I began to despise him and turned to food for comfort. By the time I delivered I was a whopping 190 1bs. Within 6 months however, my weight was down to normal and I could fit into my clothes again. Yet dissatisfaction with my marriage and what I now believe to have been postpartum depression led me to binging on junk food. I would could nice vegetarian meals for the family then later binge on fast food. Needless to say the loveless marriage ended due to repeated infidelities and I was own my own. I became overwhelmed with being a single mom, going to school, and working full time, as I was receiving no support from my ex, and once again I began a cycle of not eating and later binging. Trying to find a natural cure for the onset of a serious medical condition led me to juice fasting..and I began fasting for weeks at a time. Yet I never mastered coming of a fast and I struggled so much with wanting to eat. I often fasted in isolation which probably intensified my boredom and the desire to eat. Over the next 2 years I stopped juicing AND I stopped cooking. My poor child and I ate almost every meal out. My once healthy vegetarian baby was now becoming a lanky pre-teen with a skin condition. Even though his father had eczema, I knew he was developing the rashes because of his diet. So I began to force-feed him fruits and vegetables and fresh juices and apply natural oils and his skin cleared up. But I still did nothing for myself. So at a whopping 250 pounds I am embarking on a journey…a journey not only for weight loss but also detoxification, to rid myself of the addictions and negative energy that has led me to devalue myself. I will use this site as a vehicle for change. I am ready to walk through the doorway of health and happiness!

  3. mdnytsun says:

    Alright 24 hours down and 4 lbs lost. Unfortunately this was the worst 24 hours ever! The day before beginning the fast I decided to load up on P&B (psyllium & bentonite) shakes and I was in so much pain throughout the night/day…I could feel the intense cramping in my sleep and it persisted the following day. But it’s over now and if I can make it past 3 days of water fasting I will be well on my way.

  4. keith101 says:

    Hi mdnytsun
    you can have a look at my 32 day water fast on
    the first 3 days are the worst.
    Regards Keith.

  5. mdnytsun says:

    Thnx Keith, your site was inspiring and informational!

  6. mdnytsun says:

    End of day 2 of fast. Didn’t really feel like drinking I did a dry fast. I will most likely return to drinking water tomorrow. I have been sleeping off and on for a few hours at a time. I’m BORED out of my mind but I don’t really feel like doing anything. It’s not that I don’t have the energy I just have no desire to do anything. I’ve only felt hunger pains a few times and they were moderate to say the least and passed relatively quickly. There is a persistent ache in my abdominal region; it feels almost like soreness from working out. There was some gas but no poo; I’m holding off on doing an enema.
    My skin looks good but my eyes look dull and tired. Thankfully, an oral abscess has all but disappeared. I postponed my trip to the dentist to see what water fasting could do. My breath does not appear to be foul (confirmed by my 10 year old)! I am not sure if I’ve entered ketosis yet. Until next time….

    Starting weight – 250 lbs
    Current weight – 241 lbs

  7. thenewme_2010 says:

    Hello mdnytsun, I am 250 starting as well and I have tried several fast and today is also my 2 day. I am doing really great so far. So good luck and I will be following your journey as well as posting my own.

  8. mdnytsun says:

    Hi, thenewme_2010, thanks so much for posting! It’s motivating to know there’s someone else out there going through the same thing. It’s kind of strange how well things have been going for me also. Yesterday was a dry fast and so far today it’s been a dry fast as well. I have been extremely busy today, getting up with the sun and working for 10 hours straight. I even had the energy to sing and dance around with my kid. I’m kind of scared because things are progressing so nicely. I decided that I will not weigh myself again until my birthday (July 3rd) and stop obsessing about weight. I am just so thankful for feeling so good right now. Please stay in touch and I look forward to reading about your journey.

  9. mdnytsun says:

    Last night around 11pm I had a slight bowel movement; it was mostly liquid with a few solids. I am still dry fasting; not sure if I will continue for the day though. My energy level is fine, and I am not hungry. I am just continuing to battle with the desire to eat out of habit!

  10. mdnytsun says:

    Ok yesterday around noon I broke the 2 day water fast and had a glass of water. I forced myself to continue to drink water and by the evening I was having massive hunger pains. They persisted throughout the night and intensified to almost unbearable heights. I have a horrible taste in my mouth; I feel horrible and I need to POO!

  11. mdnytsun says:

    I added a little juice to 1 glass of water and i feel MUCH better now. Maybe the 2 day dry fast was too much for my body to handle. But I certainly did not expect such massive hunger pains after 5 days of fasting. Anyway I shall continue on.

  12. leatris says:

    Hello mdnytsun, awesome initiative to fast… Food habits are physical but all psychological… You are doing the right thing to rid your body of toxin and force it to reprogram…. It will make the transition to healthy eating much easier but don’t forget to dig in to your emotions as well to get to the root of your habit… I struggle with maintaining a refine sugar free lifestyle in addition to other things but what I have learned in the past years is the reason why I eat… For example, I get bored so I over eat… I also see myself of fat I realize that for first time this year, I took a class on physical education and we were taking our measurement and I notice that some parts of my body measured the same as the girls I envy their body… I was like what the Hell… It started the realization that I may not be paying myself justice… I could go on and on… THE POINT is the reasons for our body weight very complex and we need to take care of our emotions as much as we do our Body!!! Good luck!!!

  13. luizarios says:

    Hi mdnytsun, I am reading your progress and really identify with you, please come back and let us know how is it going? thanks

  14. mygodisable says:

    Tom; Hello I went to a personal trainer and he told me that I needed to eat and not fast because my body is going into starvation mode and stores all the fat thats why I am 260 lbs. I thought that if i have all this weight that my body will go in to ketosis and start burning fat cells. Confused. wanting to start a water fast for however long I can go. Can I drink vitamin water and crystal light for taste and with this much weight will I lose weight with water fasting or is the starvation mode true?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi mygodisable
      I bet your trainer has never fasted. Fat is for fuel. That is its purpose. Eat more it stores, eat less it uses fat. Better to juice fast to start and do periods of water fasting when you are not working out.
      I doubt you will go into “starvation mode”, with 100 lbs of fat.

  15. Ron says:

    Hi mygodisable! Excuse me for butting in here, and chuckling at your trainer! But, after a week of fasting your body won’t be storing ANYTHING!! As a matter of fact, you will have lost 10-12 pounds, if not more! Your body only stores for a day or 2.

    The problem is eating during these “short” periods the body reacts by storing what you are feeding it! Another problem is people panic when you tell them you are going to fast! Your best bet is to ask these people first if they are familiar with fasting. This way you can avoid the onslaught of bad advice, and pending doom about fasting when you say that you “are” fasting.

    If you work, or workout I wouldn’t attempt a water fast. You should be juicing in this case.

    For an effective first fast: start by using mostly raw foods for a week. This will get your body in the right direction nutritionally. Keep up your workout schedule. Mark your calendar ahead for a “good time” to start your fast. Get a good juicer (Champion or Omega). Work some juice into your food routine. Then as the fasting date approaches, get your mind and spirit ready by praying, meditating, and thinking positive thoughts like: “My body will heal itself”. “God is going to bless me every day of my fast”! “I will lose all the weight I need to lose”! “I will feel better than I ever felt in my lfe”! etc.

    I hope I have helped you, and touched on some things? We are here to help you in any way we can! Good luck, and God Bless! Ron