Protein Deficiency During Catabolism

A person fasting 40 days on water will not suffer a deficiency of protein, vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids. In the breakdown of unhealthy cells, all essential substances, which are mostly protein, are reused and conserved in a most extraordinary manner. Protein needs are also greatly diminished during a fast.

Fear of Protein  Deficiency
There is an unwarranted fear of fasting that strength diminishes from the catabolism of proteins from muscle fibers. Fasting will strip only muscle cells that are dead, dying or diseased. Even during long fasts, the number of muscle fibers remains the same. Although the healthy cells may be reduced in size and strength for a time, they remain perfectly sound.

Fasting Does Not Cause Protein Deficiency

In December 1903, under the supervision of Mr. Macfadden, eight athletes entered an athletic contest in Madison Square Gardens. Amazingly, all were on the seventh day of water fasting. Joseph H. Waltering, one of the eight, won both the 50-yard dash and the 220-yard run. Another member of the eight, Gilman Low, won first prize in the strength contests. The following day, on the eighth day of his fast, in front of 16,000 well-fed spectators munching on popcorn and peanuts, he established nine world records for strength and endurance that would stand for years. Even more astonishing are the inspirational stories in the Fasting Testimonies chapter provided at the conclusion of this book. Accounts of parents spending the whole day, cleaning house, doing laundry and feeding hungry children while fasting!

Dr. Ehret, an avid faster, walked for ten days through the mountains fasting on water. Bragg, another fasting enthusiast, walked 30 miles across Death Valley, in July, during a fast. It was an invigorating walk for Bragg, but for the ten athletic college students who went with him through the blistering heat, it was an experience they never forget. Enjoying his first stroll so much, Bragg decided to hike another 30 miles the next day. Not bad for a great-grandfather!

Your first fast will cause weakness in the early stages. Regretfully, when this symptom appears, many stop fasting due to a lack of knowledge or understanding that this weakness is not detrimental. They are unsuccessful in breaking through to the other side and encountering the abundant energy of juice fasting. It takes about 10 days for a weightlifter or athlete to get back to full muscular strength after a long fast. After that, performance will improve.

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