Protein Deficiency During Fasting???

January 20, 2008

Will I become protein deficient? My people fear that protein loss during fasting is harmful and that a fast should be supplemented with protein. I have tried whey and soy protein powders and shakes, yeast, and all of them clog the sinuses and greatly slow the detoxification. Only, raw egg white and spirulina do not have that effect.

Your body has sufficient protein reserves for a 30-day water fast or longer. Fasting is a natural process.  It is designed to fast. You never here of people diagnosed with protein deficiency. Yet people fear it and point to the and the bloated bellies of staring kids in Africa as proof which is foolish as this is caused by calorie and nutrition deficiency.

Spirulina is excellent during a fast, which is over 50% protein, and will benefit the fast or egg whites mixed with the veggie juice.

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