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  • adam 25 years old male, weighing 84 kg / 184.8 lbs, 72 in /182.88 cm tall, United States US

  • Doing 15 days of Water Fasting. Starting October 14, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Terrible candida and depression..Took years of antibiotics(including accutane)..Have been addicted to sugar/pizza bad..I think I have leaky gut syndrome or food allergies because food affects my mental state very quickly-food gives me a high. Lately Ive been having terrible buzzing/discomfort in my head along with terrible twitches all over my body

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    10 day juice fast..Also have done intermittent fasting which seemed to control my appetie greatly

  • Present Diet:
    moderate..plenty of vegetables but tried much dieting with no success..I exercise regularly and visually I look like a very healthy person

  • Supplements:
    tried them for now my number 1 is probiotics

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Bad candida

  • State of Mind:
    positive..I feel when I complete this fast my life will start over fresh..I have been pushed to my absolute limit by this candida issue to the point Ive considered ending my life despite my positive outlook and fortunate life outside of this..

  • Limitations:
    nothing holding me back this time..

  • Questions:
    First off thank you for your contribution to us all I greatly appreciate it! 1. How much importance do you weigh on the "spit test"? When I take it the saliva is loaded with crap and it sinks almost instantly.. 2. My first time fasting with limited juice I took some psyllium/bentonite shakes before and it took my about a week for a BM but when I had it I INSTANTLY felt a transformation with my body and mind(no exaggerating). My saliva instantly turned to a watery texture, my stomch felt a calmness and I felt my brain getting chemicals I didnt know existed (I realized how depressed I was)..Is this normal? I have had blood test/colonoscopy before and no problems arised.. 3. When I take probiotics within 20 mins. I feel my depression lifted drastically..Is this a sign of a bad imbalance of candida? Should I take probiotics while water fasting? I have been since I started my water fast 3 days ago with good results.. 4. Is it true that you will feel "true hunger" and know when it is time to break the fast? 5. Should I take psyllium during my water fast? I know from before once I get that first BM things get much easier with continuing my fast. 6. I am the right weight and healthy externally so does this mean I wont have to do 30 days of fasting? im willing to do however many days it takes just wondering for times sake.. Thanks again this means a lot I am desperate for healing and Id love to contribute to this site in the future..

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