Amanda : 40 days of Water Fasting

  • Amanda S, 23 years old Female, weighing 112 kg / 246.4 lbs, 68 in /172.72 cm tall, Chritianity . From victoria , Canada

  • Doing 40 days of Water Fasting. Starting November 22, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    I am fasting to reach a normal healthy weight. I think fasting can help me break some of my bad eating habits. I want to make this fasting a spiritual experience. I want to do some soul searching and finally reach my goals.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I used to fast on a monthly basis, when I was at a healthy weight. But due to depression I gained a lot of weight. The longest I ever fast was 15 days water and 30 days juice. This time I want to go on a long water fast. The last time I fasted I was at 265 and came to 240. Now my current weight is 245, so from the previous fast I lost about 25 pounds and only gained 5 pounds.

  • Present Diet:
    I do not eat any fast food, only home cooked food. Staying away from processed food.

  • Relevant Medical History:

  • Present Medical Problems:

  • State of Mind:
    I am in a really good state of mind. I am finally coming out of my depression. I am getting back to doing normal things. I feel that I can do this. I believe fasting can change my life.

  • Limitations:
    I have no limitations. I believe my own mind and body is the barrier to my success. I have to take full control of my mind and stay focused.

  • Questions:
    How do you stay on the fast, when you get that urge to just put something in your mouth? How do you prevent mouth odor when fasting?

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20 Responses to Amanda : 40 days of Water Fasting

  1. amanda123 says:

    I will be starting my fast 2morrow I officially stopped eating at 6:30pm today, So tomorrow at 6:30 pm day one would have been done. If anyone want to join me that would be great. I can use all the support I can get. I am going to continue doing research on water fasting to keep me focused on my goal.

  2. keith101 says:

    hi amanda
    40 days days is a long time to water fast if this is your first time
    Better to juice fast. water fasting is brutal for 40 days but i hope you make it
    Blessings Keith

  3. amanda123 says:

    Thank you keith, I will try my best to stay on water only fast. But if it gets very difficult I will definitely switch to juice fasting. My goal is to get the best health out of of fasting, doesn’t matter water or juice. I just want to challenge myself to do a water only fast.

  4. melissa752 says:

    Hi Amanda, we can be fasting buddy’s! I will check in everyday that I can which will be most :) I want to lose at least another 30 pounds. When I started my fasts I was around 230, now I am around 170. I want to be at least 140 and by Dec 17. Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. amanda123 says:

    Hi Melissa, Its an inspiration for me to know that you went down from 230 to 170. How long did it take you to reach that weight? We can definitely be fasting buddies. I am sure you can come down to 140 by dec 17. We just have to stick to the fast and know that at the end it is all worth it. I am just finishing up day 1 of my fast today. Today was pretty good, I did not feel hungry at all. I am going to try my best to stay on only water fast, if not I will switch to juice. When are you starting your fast?

  6. melissa752 says:

    Great!, you are a day ahead of me. I was done with eating as of 6pm tonight :) So it’s only been an hour and a half, but hey, it’s started!

    How long did it take me? well it was off and on, if I didn’t take so many breaks from fasting it wouldn’t have taken as long as it did.. on average i lost 1-2 pounds everyday. You will quickly go under 200 fasting, like I’m talking a matter of weeks it will happen just need the time to pass is all. And once that happens is enough ambition by itself to keep going!

    And don’t listen to what ppl say about it just being water, Im living proof it’s fat that your body eats when you fast, and the hunger is just an uncomfortable feeling of that taking effect! yay! I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow with a fresh new day!

    I have always tho, lived a lifestyle of pushing the limit in regard to walking or any exercise I may “have” to do. If I need to go to town, I walk, and not only that i will pull my 5 year old in his wagon there and back to burn the extra calories, why not give it all the way I figure. But it does bother me that maybe since I’ve always been that way and my metabolism is used to it, then I have a high endurance for it, so I won’t burn as much calories. Anyway just some thoughts!

    How often do you weigh? I’m really bad for it, up to like 20 times a day when fasting and I know how bad that is, I just can’t help it…. everytime I see another 10 down, there’s no better feeling!

    Much love, Keep it up and Keep in touch!!

    • AngelGirl says:

      Hey Melissa:

      I just re-read your previous posts…wow…great accomplishments :~) How long did it take you to get to 170? I really appreciate your comment about not listening to what others say about the water. I believe that if you make your mind to do something it will get done especially when fortified with prayer. I”m looking forward to my body utilizing all of my rolls and fat reserves LOL. I”ve just got to increase my exercise so i’m going to go up and down the steps a few times before bed. This is really scarey…I have an increased amount of energy already…wow!…Maybe it’s the chewing gum

  7. melissa752 says:

    we should add each other on facebook……. might be easier? We could only inbox, I don’t want my friends hearing my personal fasting journey’s but I’d like to share with you, someone who is going thru the same….. do you want to?

  8. amanda123 says:

    Hi , I don’t have FB, but we can email each other. I always check my emails. I find it so hard not to weigh myself daily. I try to weigh myself weekly, so I can be surprised at how much I lost. I am trying to walk about 3miles a day to speed up the weight loss. I just cannot wait to see the results. I just want to get under 200 and then it will be easier to lose the rest.

  9. melissa752 says:

    I found getting under 200 was the easiest part…….
    I would love to just weigh myself weekly but I find the scale so addictive!! 3 miles a day is great! I think I’m doing 2-3 miles about 3 or 4 times a week, it’s hard I have 3 kids under 10, do you have any kids?

  10. amanda123 says:

    hey melissa, No I don’t have any kids. How is your fast going? I just finished day two of my fast. So far I am feeling good. I did get the urge to eat, but I controlled myself. I just told myself food will always be there.

  11. melissa752 says:

    Love that, the food WILL always be there won’t it! You are doing GREAT! Once those days start passing they fly!
    Well I messed yesterday, but I am very proud to say day 1 is going great. It’s almost 4 in the afternoon now and the day will soon be over, I am glad. I know once I am past day 3 it’s smooth sailing :) And today is your day 3 isn’t it! That’s great, when is your weigh day? I’m trying the best I can to stay the hell away from them but I’m addicted!

  12. amanda123 says:

    Hey , you can do it! I just finished day 3 of my fast. I did not have any desire for food, but my stomach was just grumbling. I am going to weigh myself on monday 29th in the morning. I can’t wait to weigh myself lol. Stay strong you can do it.

  13. AngelGirl says:

    Hi Amanda:

    I’m right behind you. I’d love to be your fasting buddy.[Since I’ve never fasted this long, I too may need the extra encouragement} I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving {i’m only eating two veggies with 1 gallon of water in addition to the water that i’ve drank all week}. I’ve found that chlorophyll really helps with body odors and the breath. During my last fast I used baking soda and peroxide bc I need to stay away from the sugar.

    In order to keep me from eating. I kept water bottles ready…so when i got the urge…I had to drink 6 oz for urges and I gave myself other deadlines for other things just to keep me on my feet and to meet my water goals for the day.

  14. melissa752 says:

    Oh Amanda I messed up again yesterday and I’m here again today to say it’s started……..again. I’m am just as motivated to giver as I was the last two days….. I don’t get it everytime I start a fast I mess up a few times before I actually go all the way, maybe it’s what I need to do to ease myself into it. Anyway I hate the fact that I lost those days :( (((((((( I have changed my fast from 24 days to 21… and I’m going to do my start weight here soon…maybe I will have lost a lil the days I messed up anyway and won’t feel so bad. I will check in tonight when the day is over and it better NOT be to say I screwed up again. THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m excited to hear what the scales say for you monday, that is so cool you can stay away from them that long, I can’t imagine!

  15. amanda123 says:

    Hey melissa, keep trying until you get passed that day one. It was hard for me to start day one of the fast, I would always break it on day 1 or day 2. After trying so many times, I am finally finishing up day 4 of my fast. I cannot believe, time just went fast. If you cannot start a water fast right away, drink a little juice the first day and then next day continue on water fasting. You can do it, stay strong. You fasted before and you lost a lot of weight, so you can do it.

  16. amanda123 says:

    Day 4

    How did I feel today?

    I am just finishing up day 4 of my fast, so far I am feeling good. I do not have any desire for food, but my stomach is always grumbling. I find that smell of food makes my stomach grumble. I walked about 3miles today in total. I walked for about 1 and half hour in the morning and evening, total of 3hours.
    I feel that I have more energy. I am sure that as I continue to fast, there will be fluctuations in my energy level. If I feel really tired and weak, I will limit my actives. tomorrow will be day 5, I will weigh myself on day 8.

  17. melissa752 says:

    I’m baaack! Yes on day two, and I feel great, finally :) ))
    Thanks Amanda everything you said is right, and your right as I know from the past you just keep trying till you push past it! I’m so happy for us both! Sounds like your doing awesome, and the walking is sooo good for those muscles that are really gonna be showing on you soon!!

  18. amanda123 says:

    Hey melissa I just finished day 5 of my fast. I cannot wait to weigh myself on Monday. How is your fast going?

    Today was tough because its friday, and normally on friday’s i go out to eat. I was so hungry today. I am just going to stay strong and just suck it up and do it. Food will always be there.

  19. melissa752 says:

    Your doing great amanda! hats off to you girl!! Well last night I ate approx 1000 calories, am I saying I failed? No.. because today I continued as if it never happend and I walked a heck of alot today and worked! I’m still going………….!!!