Progress Report ID-16655 by Andreea

  • Andreea R, 24 years old female, weighing 73 kg / 160.6 lbs, 67 in /170.18 cm tall, From Belgium, Belgium BE

  • Doing 21 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting May 23, 2012

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    To lose weight, clear skin of imperfections/blemishes, hopefully gain flexibility and energy for dancing, improving mind and body, getting rid of anxiety, depression and low-self image, cure aches and pains in my neck/back/shoulders and cure what I am afraid is a Buffalo hump, hoping to get rid of intense menstrual pain (not sure if all of these are "curable" with a fast, but really looking forward to finding out and overall being healthier and happier)

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    3 day fast 12 day fast

  • Present Diet:
    on the run, cheese and crackers, chocolate and some fruits and veggies here and there

  • State of Mind:
    pessimistic about my ability to get through the first day, let alone the entire 21 days. (although I am really hoping to reach 21 days and continue even longer) Day 1 came and went. I snacked on some sunflower seeds, I didn't want to shock my system into hunger so when I felt hunger overwhelm me I chewed some seeds and felt great. Day 2 is here and I feel great. No hunger pains yet, and I don't expect them anytime soon. I keep thinking it will only get better, since I haven't felt that urge to gorge myself with everything in my path. A co-worker celebrated her birthday today and I was surrounded by chocolate clouds, cookies, cheetos and what-nots. I felt proud at not touching even a cornflake. What's more, I didn't even feel tempted. I felt so great with myself, with what I felt I accomplished yesterday and so focused on my goal that it didn't even phase me. I am hoping I will be able to continue this way until I reach my goal, although I am expecting some hardship ahead. But that'll be the best part, having to prove to myself I can do this...having to work through the pain. It'll make the end result that much more valuable.

  • Limitations:
    I am a freelance language teacher, and my schedule is absolutely hectic. I am really worried about having time to prepare my juices

  • Questions:
    How can I record my progress on a daily basis? Do I just write it into the "state of mind" section? 🙂 sorry but I am sort of new here and not really sure how to do this...

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