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  • Helena K., 28 years old female, weighing 58 kg / 127.6 lbs, 62 in /157.48 cm tall, Seeking. From Richland, United States US

  • Doing 21 days of Other. Starting December 1, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    I have a lot of reasons to fast: pH imbalance in my body, spiritual, and for life direction. I have gotten to a point in life where I am not sure where to go what to do, what is my purpose in life? I have been single for 4 years now and getting lonely, wondering is there a reason I am alone in life's journey? I am hoping if I can find what truly makes me happy, my meaning in life, then I will be able to find my soul mate. I think cleansing and detoxifying my body will help me see myself and the path I need to take more clearly. I am ready for the next step...fasting will strengthen my self discipline and increase my spiritual awareness (I have been considering getting baptized for some reason...still pondering it).

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I have fasted a few times over the past couple years, for short periods of 3-7 days on raw foods and juice. My last fast was months ago. In the past I have fasted for compulsive eating and weightloss, but now I am trying look deeper into myself, past what I eat and what I look like.

  • Present Diet:
    Anything I want to eat, hehe, I love to cook and bake and like pretty much all food (meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc...). I eat fast food probably once or twice a week, sometimes less.

  • Supplements:
    Vitamin C and probiotics.

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Bacterial and yeast infections.

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:
    Birth Control, marijuana, alcohol.

  • State of Mind:
    Lately, things I have just been not turning out for me. Grape harvest is over so therefore my job is over and I will need to seek another one. School wise, I have managed to fall WAY behind in my two classes, I am now considering on withdrawing from the courses. When things start going wrong, I just give up and stop going (ie. going to class), it's like I don't want to deal with it so I just ignore it. The men (ha boys) don't want to settle down with me, but enjoy stringing me along. Just seems to be the type of guy I attract.....

  • Limitations:
    The sky is the limit!!!

  • Questions:
    My plan is juice and 75% raw food 25% steamed vegetables, maybe an egg and some fish....Do you have any suggestions or exercises that will help me focus and open up to see more clearly?

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