Andrea: 5 days of Juice Fasting

  • Andrea M, 34 years old Female, weighing 118 kg / 259.6 lbs, 70 in /177.8 cm tall, Christian. United States

  • Doing 5 days of Juice Fasting. Starting October 18, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Overcome eating addiction and overeating; lose weight; improve health and energy levels

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Juice fast - 7 days; water fasts 1-2 days

  • Present Diet:
    Typical American diet, except that I recently barred all fast food from my life.

  • Present Medical Problems:
    Plantar fasciitis (both feet); joint aches/pains; fatigue; vitamin d deficient; borderline hypothyroid

  • State of Mind:
    Very frustrated with myself for not having any self control and for letting my health get this bad at such a young age. But I know I have to do something. I'm hoping this fast will help me break through some of the barriers and move on to better health.

  • Limitations:
    I have two young children, so I can't do drastic fasts such as water fasting. I've got to maintain some kind of energy level to take care of them.

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4 Responses to Andrea: 5 days of Juice Fasting

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Juice fasting is your best choice as you will have enough energy to care for you children but you will feel dragged out at times. I would get some kelp or dulse powder for the juice as it is rich in iodine.
    If you having problems due to compulsive behavior you should read You will need a longer fast than 7 days to cure your health conditions.

  2. Noor says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I agree with Tom that juice fasting is by far the best option, the main reasons are the body will detox at a comfortable rate and not cause drastic cleansing symptoms which will make you feel really bad.

    Fresh fruit juice will provide balanced levels of enzymes , nutrients and organic sugars to create energy while you fast. This will also reduce cravings for food and keep your moods good.

    I have always used regular enemas and skin brushing while fasting and beforehand while preparing to fast as I am doing at the moment, which I have found to really help toxin elimination and reduce hungar pangs. Hope this is of help to you . regards Noor

  3. isign17 says:

    Thank you both for your input/advice! Tom – I’ll definitely look into getting the kelp or dulse powder. Noor – what is skin brushing? Never heard of that.

  4. Noor says:

    The skin is a main organ of waste elimination as important as the liver and kindeys. During any form of fasting we are getting rid of loads of stored body waste, a lot of which is stored in fatty tissue. By activating more elimination via the skin we can really asist in toxin removal. Its very simple , get a medium/soft bristle bath brush , and on dry skin before a shower , brush as much of the skin from the feet upwards towards the heart, remember to do your arms as well , It takes about 5 mins, this will open up millions of skin pores and make your skin feel soft and very clean, no need for any fancy costly skin creams any more. Then have a hot shower, thats it, simple and profound, hope that helps , regards Noor