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  • Yalie 19 years old female, weighing 68 kg / 149.6 lbs, 54 in /137.16 cm tall, Catholic. Philippines PH

  • Doing 21 days of Other. Starting January 13, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    After reading books of Mr. Tom, I think I am ready to underdo in a 21 day juice Fast. This is not just about for my health reason but for my for my Spirituality. This is a Spiritual Fast. I highlighted some words I got from the book which strikes me: "Every Christian is caller to discipline , prayer and fasting." "fasting is the preparation for His coming; a dedicated time to cleanse the temple , pur body and soul, that His spirit will dwell with us." "Why fasting makes such a difference before God, is because spiritual fasting is the emptying of self, not just food, but the muttering of the inner self that frowns out the quiet voice of God. He will not shout. We must Listen. "

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I failed a lot of times. I never finished even a 1 day fast! because I am not dedicated and my aim is for weightloss. Now, upon learning and reading more about fasting. failing helps me to realize that fasting is not just about weightloss but more of a emptying your self and feed it more with God words , prayers and faith. I know that at the young age of 19. My body is so toxic because of binge eating disorder. I need to heal that one . I damage my whole life!!! My thinking , everything! I need peace. My only hope is fasting. My only hope is God. I really need your support guys! My family did'nt know that I am fasting for 7 days. I don't want to tell anyone here.

  • Present Diet:
    I drink fresh fruit juices but I still eat rice, meat and other unhealthy stuffs. I binge on cookies! cookies too powerful!

  • Supplements:
    Last Year my body is abused on Chinese Diet Pills, Laxatives, Slimming teas, Slimming Coffees, Coffees, L carnitine, Herbalife, protein powders, fish oil, injectable Gluthaiones, Hoodia Gordini, name it! I've tried it! I tried lots of food supplements hoping that it will make me feel better! I've wated half of my salry on these fake foods!

  • Relevant Medical History:
    scoliosis sinusitis

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:

  • State of Mind:
    depressed foogy thinking loss of focus and Im working on to change this to: Positive full of energy vibrant being grateful loved!

  • Questions:
    How many times should I do enema? How much water?

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