Progress Report ID-9239 by rrockwell

  • Ryan Rockwell, 32 years old male, weighing 76 kg / 167.2 lbs, 71 in /180.34 cm tall, From Buckingham, United States US

  • Doing 30 days of Juice Fasting. Starting September 27, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    Heal my digestion & liver as well as improve my mental clarity.

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    Just recently finished a 12 day juice fast (my intention was to go for 30 days) and unfortunately broke it. And when I say I broke it, I mean I broke it: pizza, pancakes, peanut butter, cheese & crackers all spread out over two days and one night of drinking and smoking. I have since regrouped and recommitted myself to the 30 day Juice fast again.

  • Present Diet:
    Before the fast was primarily eating vegetarian with red meat maybe once a week. Typically had a veggie shake once a day and a raw meal once a day. Pigged out on tofu, potatoes, and beans. Multiple raw protein shakes throughout the day.

  • Supplements:
    Calm- magnesium supplement Sturt Desert Pea- for relaxation Probiotics Glutamine

  • Relevant Medical History:
    Three years ago I had a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, and Ultra Sound done and my gastroenterologist finally came to the conclusion that I had IBS

  • Present Medication or Drug Usage:

  • State of Mind:
    Encouraged, especially after doing the 12 day fast and seeing such great results mentally and physically. I truly feels like this is the right thing to do in order to heal.

  • Limitations:

  • Questions:
    * Even though I broke my fast on the 12th day and did so in a pretty harsh manner, does that mean that I need to start the whole 30 day juice fast over or can I regroup and just add on a few more days to the original fast? * With the knowledge that my liver and small intestine are damaged, should I take any supplementation to assist in healing during the fast? I also have Candida, should I take an anti fungal? * Is it recommended to take additional supplements geared towards detoxification like Bentonite during this time? Forgive me for all the questions, just trying to get this right. Appreciate all your advice and support

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  1. rrockwell says:

    Day 6 and feeling discouraged. My energy has been low most of the time even though Im drinking 6-8 8oz glasses of juice a day. Many of the drinks are greens only (spinnach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.) but Im still incorporating drinks with carrots, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, garlic, parsley, cilantro, beets, lemons, and tomatoes mixed throughout the day. I guess I thought that since I had done a 12 day fast just before this that my results would be more progressive and positive. I mentioned above that I broke the 12 day fast in the harshest way by eating things like pizza, fast food and then drinking one night. But I still thought that most of the positive results from 12 day fast would carry over into this one. What scares me is that now it is costing me money as I work from home doing sales over the phone and many days I only have enough energy for 4 hours of work. I keep reminding myself that my health is way more important but I also know that I will be stressed out by the reduced income and when bills arrive. Should I have an avocado or banana when I feel weak and tired? I remember reading that in the fasting ebook but Im afraid that that will slow my progression. Advice is greatly appreciated and also for my questions above.

  2. fasting123 says:

    Hi rr

    I hope you keep going. I have the same problems and have yet to get past 2 weeks. For me also the fatigue and weakness and inability to handle stress while fasting are always what causes me to break it. Then I feel even worse and wish I had just hung on. But the healing we are promised takes place further on, in week 3 & 4. I hope you keep the faith – if you have that ‘breakthrough’, we’ll all be cheering! You’ve come this far, and it would take you at least one and a half weeks to get back to this point! Your body is probably asking you to rest, so that it can heal. We are also promised that our problems will take care of themselves as we fast. Is that true? Please stay the course, if at all possible!

  3. rrockwell says:

    Fasting123 those are beautiful words of advice, Thank you. I wish you the best in your journey as well. It brings me some peace to know that others are on this path as well, supporting each other.

  4. Ron says:

    Hi rrockwell, sounds like you know what you need to do. Food addictions are the biggest battle. Most fasters fight them constantly, including myself. Tom said it took him 10 years to change his eating habits. The key is to keep fasting as a way of life and health.

    If you can get healed first, and do a few short fasts per month you may be able to stay healthy. And you may be able to lick the unhealthy eating habits in the process.

    Garlic is great for candida. Keep the juices to mostly veggie. Sugar is the major culprit. Ron

    • rrockwell says:

      Thanks Ron. Many days I feel as though I know what I am doing and the other half the time, I truly feel lost. I think I have internalized my doctors diagnosis of a damaged liver and small intestine, Candida, parasite Infection, as well as an infection of my thyroid gland.

      There is the urge to want to use supplements to speed the healing process namely Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar but what Ive noticed is that my detox symptoms tend to increase (extreme pain in my liver). That has been the worst is the pain in my abdomen, It causes me to lose sleep, then the next day I suffer more pain, loss of concentration and the spiral continues.

      Ive not gone to yoga or meditation classes for the last three days and I think that is where I must concentrate my efforts. I tend to feel better mentally and physically when i attend these activities. Its just so hard somedays especially the ones when you dont feel well. But Ive noticed a correlation between going to yoga and meditating and a heightened awareness at the end of my day as well as better sleep and better choices that I make for me and the fast.

      The last few days have been tough and I have been extremely tempted. I must admit that I partially broke down two nights. One was while I was at my church attending Puja, I had what probably amounted to two handfuls of almonds. Theyre given out after the ceremony and I couldnt resist. My reasoning, well, theyre holy food, this cant be bad. Who knows, not gonna beat myself up over that. Two nights later, truly felt horrible, pain in abdomen or liver area overcame me which eventually led me to two of the most delicious avocados known to man.

      Well, movin on, what can I do about. Trying to let go and let God in this moment. God is great, God is good, let me thank him for my juice food… Amen

  5. Ron says:

    Hi rrockwell, As you know there is nothing the Lord can’t do. Keep believing that you can be healed. Fasting is the Lord’s medium to help us…but He is the real healer! Stay positive. Listen. Don’t give in to the three areas… Jesus told us not to “dispair, worry or be anxious”. These are NOT of God. Pray. I will pray with you, for a complete healing. And strength mentally, physically and spiritually. Ron

  6. rrockwell says:

    Thank you Ron, your message was exactly what I needed to hear.

    Btw, I read one of Tom’s posts about the Formula 256 and how it could help the liver. Do you have any way of getting a hold of him or know a way that I could purchase the formula?

  7. Ron says:

    I have a few dose’s I can send you. Email me your mailing address. Ron

  8. rrockwell says:

    Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. Ive thought about sparing the details but theres always a chance that my story might help someone else down the road.

    Im not sure why but I got the idea to just drink water yesterday with a couple tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider. I think total I drank 4 liters each with the two tablespoons of Braggs. Well, about 1 or 2 o’clock my gall bladder started to really act up. After giving it some thought I decided to do a coffee enema to try and get the juices flowing in that area. What came out was probably the most disgusting thing Ive ever seen. Not only were there some gall stones but there was also about a 2 1/2 ft worm…ewwwww!! Im sorry if you just threw up a little in your mouth. It was really gross but I guess better out than in.

    About three hours later I went to yoga and had probably one of the best classes of my life. I felt so rejuvenated and my flexibility was off the charts. Soon after the class though the pain began to come back and a few hours later I was in intense intense pain. Im pretty sure that a gall or liver stone got lodged in one of the bile ducts and boy was I hurtin. I think I took almost every supplement I had to try and stop the pain. Needless to say sleep was, ehhh I dont know, about two or three hours. Its starting to make me think that I need to go back to just the juice fast and lay off the Braggs for a couple days. I guess Im just being impatient with the healing process and Im trying to rush it along.

    This morning, I feel like my body is in shock. I have a very high tolerance for pain but last night brought me to my knees. Feeling a little bit better today but that area still extremely sensitive. Going to go with all green juices today and maybe some beets and lemons as well. God please grant me the serenity to get through this.

  9. fasting123 says:

    God – that’s awful!! You might mention that worm to your doc – in case it’s not the only one. Any parasites that don’t get dislodged might really hamper a fast. We’re all susceptible to these things, and now you know. I had a violent gall bladder attack a couple of years ago, when I was several days into a fast, and suddenly broke it with fatty foods – peanut or almond butter and I forget what else, but I won’t forget the swordlike pain that went under my ribs and out through my shoulder blades – I was doubled over howling!!! It lasted two hours. Never again will I make THAT mistake! There is a pretty effective gallbladder cleanse at that a friend of mine took with spectacular results, but the website does say not to do anything while you’re in pain. Take it easy bro

  10. rrockwell says:

    Gasting123, its funny you bring up that site, Ive been there for the past couple days checking out their info.

    The pain has subsided somewhat today but the gall bladder is still very sensitive. There is a large part of me that just wants to be done with the gall stones and the pain and just do a flush right now but from what Ive read, that would be an unwise decision. It makes since though, if its currently inflammed then the success of the flush would probably be compromised. Plus its like beating a sick horse and its probably best to be gentle with it.

    I am just wondering if taking gallbladder and parasite supplements is wise while doing the fast. Isnt the alkalyzing effects of the juice fast supposed to heal the gallbladder and kill parasites in the body?? It feels as though the impatient part of me continues to rise to the surface and I want healing now. It just makes it hard when your not sleeping well and that is a large part to the healing process. The body needs rest and right now my body is not getting that. Truth is, it really hasnt in the last 5 years. Healing please come

  11. rrockwell says:

    oops, make that Fasting123.. promise that wasnt on purpose, kinda funny though

  12. fasting123 says:

    I don’t know. Probably shouldn’t put yourself through anything more right now! My goodness is there anything I wouldn’t give to be in a hammock on the beach at the fasting retreat…even for half an hour! It’s a lesson, – how to relax, rest and heal in the midst of stress. Hope you’re feeling better…meanwhile – call me anything you like!


  13. Ron says:

    Hi Ryan, I did a very successful gall bladder cleanse. I did the olive oil and lemon juice treatment. It worked like a charm. But there is pain and discomfort for a time during and after. The bile ducts are only 1/4″ in diameter, and some of the stones that came out of me were an inch to and inch and a half in diameter!! The result was, in my doctors words? “Amazing”! And…”clean as a baby’s”! Considering he had scheduled me for surgery.

    Parasites, like that worm could be your main problem! That formula I’m sending should help with that! Also fresh ,raw garlic and ginger are fantastic at killing that vermin! Ron

  14. rrockwell says:

    Thanks fasting123, thanks for the reminder to keep things light

    Ron, thats great!! The liver flush is the next on the list to try but I wanted to give my gallbladder a rest before going full steam ahead with a flush. I’ve taken it easy for the last day and half and feel alot better in that area. Put a Castor oil pad on it today and that seemed to bring some peace to it. Did you have a link to the flush you did btw?

    Feeling alot more positive about the fast at this point. Cant believe its day 11 already, somehow I feel a little bit settled into the fast. I have to remind myself that Ive been fasting for almost a month now, if I hadnt broke the first fast I’d have 4 days left. But no reason to cry over spilled milk.

    Ron and fasting123, Thank you both for being support for me the last week or so. Both of you know what it means to have it during this time and you know it means alot. So thank you again for all your words of encouragement and advice. Ryan

  15. fasting123 says:

    Hey Ryan – have you noticed any change in your skin? I am waiting for some improvement in the blotchy tissue-paper dry skin on my face – at some point in the fast this clears up – how are you doing? I am not sleepy but I am going to lie down anyway and blink at the ceiling for awhile

  16. Ron says:

    Hi Ryan, I did the 24 hour cleanse which is brutal. There are other methods listed on the web page.

    Also, if your gallbladder is inflamed it is not recommended to use the cleanse as the bile ducts will be blocked. A temperature is usually a sign of inflammation. And intense pain in the back and right side of the abdomen.

    You might want to do this cleanse after your fast. This will go through you like a freight train during, which may not be a good thing. The oil and lemon do need a little time to work their magic. [I'm not sure on this one.] You can do it, but you may have to do it again at some point to get the through cleansing. You also could do the slower method which won’t shock your system. It’s your call.

    I can say one thing on this subject…I’m NOT looking forward to ever doing this cleanse again. At least the 24 hour method….It’s something you’ll never forget my friend! LOL. Ron

  17. Ron says:

    Hi Ryan, I did the 24 hour cleanse which is brutal. There are other methods listed on the web page.

    Also, if your gallbladder is inflamed it is not recommended to use the cleanse as the bile ducts will be blocked. A temperature is usually a sign of inflammation. And intense pain in the back and right side of the abdomen.

    You might want to do this cleanse after your fast. This will go through you like a freight train during, which may not be a good thing. The oil and lemon do need a little time to work their magic. [I'm not sure on this one.] You can do it, but you may have to do it again at some point to get the thorough cleansing. You also could do the slower method which won’t shock your system. It’s your call.

    I can say one thing on this subject…I’m NOT looking forward to ever doing this cleanse again. At least the 24 hour method….It’s something you’ll never forget my friend! LOL. Ron

  18. rrockwell says:

    Fasting123- my skin is the softest its ever been. I try to take a very hot bath every day and about every other day I scrape off what looks like a grayish residue off my skin with my finger nails. Kind of disgusting but nonetheless Im amazed how soft my skin is now. Didnt mention it before but I used chewing tobacco for 15 years which makes me wonder sometimes what the effect dipping had on my body internally. Like is this grayish stuff heavy metals that are said to be in chewing tobacco??

    Ron, Thanks for the info. Honestly, I dont know what to do about the gallbladder and liver cleanse. To be honest, I dont know what to do period about the fast at this time.

    Ive been kind of quiet about things for the last few days because I was thinking things over plus I havent officially been offered the position yet but heres the story (short version): I was browsing around the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center’s website in Patagonia, AZ which is like an ashram built around healing people physically, emotionally and spiritually through meditation, yoga, and 100% vegan raw foods. Well, I just happened to click on the “Opportunities” tab on the site and saw that they had a position available that I have alot of exp. in. So the next day I decided to give them a call to see what the position entailed.

    Well to skip ahead, Monday I am submitting my application and resume and from what it looks like I have a very good chance of getting the position. The pay is really low but the benefits of working at the center are what most interest me. Free raw vegan meals, free yoga and meditation classes and the chance to study under a very well known health activist Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Its a two year commitment which is scary for me (I wont even sign a 2 year contract with Verizon) but in my heart it feels right and the position’s sole purpose is to serve the participants coming to the Tree of Life. And right now, there is a large part of me that keeps saying like a montra “serve, serve, serve.” I intend to listen to the voice this time.

    So heres the problem, timing is everything and in some ways it works and in some ways it doesnt. Nov. 11-26 Im heading to Thailand (bad timing) My lease is ending In Nov. (good timing) My finances are very tight (bad timing)

    Heres what it boils down to, I need to make quite a bit of money in the next 30 days or there will not be enough funds to make the move to Arizona and take this position. My problem is I am 12 days into a fast, I feel very weak most days because my gallbladder hurts which affects my sleep and thus it has affected my income since my job is Sales over the phone. Now luckily I work from home so Ive been able to mask whats been going on. Ive just told my boss that I have the flu, so thats why my hours and my sales numbers are down.

    Million dollar question:

    Should I break the fast so that I get enough strength to work my ass for the next 30 days or do I press on with the fast and try to find other ways to get my strength back like maybe nothing but spinach and kale shakes everyday?

    I dont know, I really dont know what to do. Im going to pray about it and see what happens. Any advice in terms of what I can do for more strength is greatly welcome.

    Recently Ive been doing nothing but spinach, kale, cilantro, parsley, lemons, garlic and maybe a few carrots for juice (all together) and especially the last couple days, juicing ginger to rid the body or parasites. Like I said, I just dont know what to do about this job and the future.

    I know this is a long post but this thing in many ways has become my diary. Its just kind of different diary cause I cant hide it underneath my bed. God, please allow the right answers to come to me… pretty please

  19. Ron says:

    Hi Ryan, Deep down, we usually know the answers to these “life” questions. We just want reinforcement. The Lord will bless whatever our choice is that we make. We just need to put that decision in his hands.

    For example….

    Several years ago, I started a business with a friend. I prayed about it. I consulted with my other friends, relatives and wife. It seemed I was not able to get an answer one way or the other. To make a long story short… I was out of my comfort zone, and league tackling this venture. It failed. BUT…In spite of myself and the business being a complete financial disaster, and utter failure many, MANY good things happened during that 5 year period anyway! I truly believe it was because I put it ALL in Gods hands. And didn’t fear or worry. I could give you examples of the miracles…but that doesn’t matter. And it shows lack of faith in the Lords work.

    The moral of the story? No matter what road we choose, as long as we put it in Gods hands we CAN’T LOSE!!

    So, pray about it and do what you feel is right. God will bless it, no matter the outcome. I know. And I finally found my way in a business I am quite comfortable with, and it’s been very successful! I also know I had to go through the adversity (test of Faith) before I was able to grow spiritually. I always felt the Lord wouldn’t let me down. Even in the darkest moments. Stay faithful Ryan. There is no way you can lose! God Bless and guide you, Ron

  20. rrockwell says:

    Thanks for checking in on me. I did end up getting the job but after thinking it over, I decided to stay. I realized that everything I liked about the job, I had available to me where I am already. Across the street from me, literally, is the Satchidananda Ashram (affectionately known as Yogaville). There are free yoga and meditation classes for us locals and vegetarian meals served three times a day. It just felt and still feels like Im being called to serve and that is what was at the heart of my interest at the Tree of Life. The truth is I can volunteer any time at the ashram. Many times in life Ive gotten passionate about something and my blinders would come up, stopping me from seeing the truth all around me. Im glad I was able to see the truth this time before I decided to move my butt across country.

    When it was all said and done, I realized that taking the job would have been a stresser in itself and that is the last thing I need while doing the fast. So Ive continued on and today marks day 19 of the juice fast. This has truly been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life. Id love to report that Im in ecstasy mentally and physically but I am not. Mentally, at times. I do feel very sharp probably the sharpest Ive ever felt but physically I feel awful. My stomach is wrenching and is extremely tight and sleep has only been a few hours a night. Sometimes it feels like someone injected me with caffiene and it feels so uncomfortable but I try to push on taking a couple very hot baths a day and giving myself a self massage to speed things along. There is of course the strong urge to try and figure out why my stomach feels this way, like was it the spinach going bad? was it the coffee enema I did a couple days ago and the caffiene is coming to the surface? is it my stomach, gall bladder, liver healing finally after 6 years of constant pain? and on and on. My resolve to rely on God is there at times and other times its as if I never knew he was there.

    I know my posts are long winded but there like a diary to me and today is a good reminder to write down my feelings. I feel so much lighter after letting my thoughts come on to the screen. Thank you to both you and Ron for being my biggest supporters. Ive never felt more love in my life for myself and for others as I do in this moment. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Love to all, Ryan

  21. fasting123 says:

    Ryan – are you taking vitamins? With chronic illness and intestinal parasites you are probably depleted in vits & minerals. I know that organic fruits and vegetable juices should theoretically provide all we need, but the soil everywhere is depleted these days of valuable nutrients – like magnesium & others stuff. There are excellent liquid vitamins & minerals you can add to your juices. I would take as much C and B complex as you can tolerate, and magnesium. I am so nutritionally depleted I am taking an amino acid/vit/min formula. I am not standing on a mountaintop, arms outstretched, watching the sun rise and feeling fabulous either!! Bleh! But kudos for keeping going, and making the decision to save yourself a lot of stress!!

  22. Ron says:

    Hi Ryan, Relax. Try to keep your fast simple. When you keep trying different things, you’ll never know whats helping, hurting or not necessary. Try doing a day or 2 of just water. Your body has everything it needs to get back to health!

    Addressing the parasites seems to be your major concern. A 30 day juice fast won’t necessarily kill them. Some go dormant for months! Parasite eggs are also a factor. When juicing keep using the ginger, garlic, fresh oregano…and many herbs that kill parasites and their eggs.

    Again, trying different things is fine. Just keep them separate. If you have a reaction you won’t have to guess what did it. And thank you for you kind words. We’re here to help each other in life. Ron

  23. fasting123 says:

    Right you are! I have been hit by the most vicious cold I’ve had in years. Really painful, mind numbing. Par for the course – but I am incoherent – so I hope all is well, Ryan, and Ron!

  24. rrockwell says:

    Update: The fast eventually ended on Day 24. My body was giving me sign after sign that it was time to stop the fast and begin eating again. After letting go of my wants and desires and asking the man above, it was apparent it was time.

    Would I love to report that all my ailments were healed, that my mind was impeccably clear, and that I had a miraculous recovery, yes, I would love to make those claims, of course, but they would be false. In the end, I was still experiencing gall bladder and stomach pain although it was lessened probably by about 50% and my mentally clarity was pretty good but my greatest gains through all of this were more emotional stability, more self discipline than I’ve ever experienced in my life and a greater sense of being open to life and letting go. There are no regrets, just a sense of being thankful for this experience.

    The day it was all over, I stepped on a scale and was shocked to see I had lost almost 30lbs. This was definitely not my intention as I was already a thin 172 before this all started. But in the last 9 days, I think Im almost back to where I was before the fast. Its so much being able to eat again and Im happy to report that Im keeping a 60-80% raw diet depending on the day. And Ive kept my promise so far to fast once a week (I know its only been one week but its a start). I feel confident that this will be a mainstay in my life for many years to come.

    I want to say Thank you to both Claire and Ron again for all your words of advice and encouragement. On days when I barely had enough energy to look at the computer, when every moment seemed like a struggle, your posts gave me the strength to keep going. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you guys the most. I’ll always remember that.

  25. Ron says:

    Anytime Ryan! Hang in there. You are still in my prayers! Ron