Jody: 30 days of Juice/Water Fasting

  • Jody Burnett, 46 years old Female, weighing 82 kg / 180.4 lbs, 61 in /154.94 cm tall, spiritual. From HARPER WOODS, United States

  • Doing 30 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting October 30, 2010

  • Reasons for Fasting:
    cleaning myself out and getting closer to my higher self

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    I have fasted a year ago for ten days. I was fasting 3 days out of the month last year.

  • Present Diet:
    vegan diet

  • Relevant Medical History:
    great shape

  • Present Medical Problems:
    no medical problems

  • State of Mind:

  • Limitations:

  • Questions:
    no not at this time

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One Response to Jody: 30 days of Juice/Water Fasting

  1. keith101 says:

    Hi jody
    Good luck on your juice/water fasting journey