Progress Report ID-8848 by worshipgirl

  • worshipgirl 43 years old female, weighing 67 kg / 147.4 lbs, 69 in /175.26 cm tall, United States US

  • Doing 30 days of Juice/Water Fasting. Starting June 1, 2011

  • Reasons for Fasting:

  • Past Fasting Experience:
    30 day fast, 7 day fasts, water and juice fasting

  • Present Diet:
    fresh fruit and veggie juices, water, tea

  • Supplements:
    vit B, multi vitamin, cod liver oil, calcium

  • State of Mind:
    Day 14 of a 30 day fast. I generally feel great with times of weakness. Some abdominal pain has started today. Sorry Tom, I just can't do the enema. :-) I feel a sense of resolve that I didnt have during my last 30 day fast. I'm also determined to break this one correctly. Last time I didnt do very well. It truly is the hardest part of the extended fast. But I'm praying for direction and I know God will be with me. I want to change how I eat after the fast. I come from families who push food so I'll have to really stick to my beliefs.

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5 Responses to Progress Report ID-8848 by worshipgirl

  1. LivingRaw says:

    Welcome Worshipgirl!

    Glad to hear that your fast is going well. Congratulations on getting this far and on your past fasts. Sounds like you’re a pro at this already!

    Any advice for us novices?

  2. worshipgirl says:

    Oh dear, a pro? Heaven’s no. I get tired of juicing…well, actually i just hate cleaning the juicer. I get weak. I have to watch my attitude. I struggle throughout. But if there’s anything that helps me it’s that I won’t focus on what I DON’T have. I make delicious juice by adding spices and enjoying everything I drink. The food I enjoy will still be available to me in a couple of weeks when I’m done fasting. Its just not worth breaking the spiritual bond I’ve acquired during this time. No food is worth that. I hope you’re doing well and can find a resolve to hold on to so that when hunger hits or you have a moment of weakness, you’ll reach for some juice and not for something unhealthy. Bless you.

  3. worshipgirl says:

    Two weeks left. I think my favorite “food” right now is the broth I create from my juicer pulp. I add lots of delicious spices. It warms me up at night. The best part of the fast is that I feel as though God has been speaking so clearly to me. I’ve had some amazing dreams at night (along with the treacherous food dreams). I’m apprehensive to break the fast, but determined not to make the same mistake I made last time. I got so sick from not breaking it properly. I keep reading Tom’s/Ron’s books for encouragement each day. Thank you guys so much.

  4. Ron says:

    Hi worshipgirl, Tom’s the inspiration here! I can’t take any credit. He is on a mission in New Guinea inoculating malaria victims at the moment. He needs our prayers. God Bless your fast! Ron

  5. worshipgirl says:

    Well, my fast is complete. Now comes the daunting task of breaking the fast. This is where I have failed in the past. I covet your prayers. I’m pressing into God more than ever now. I’ve read Tom’s books cover to cover (or screen to screen on my iPad). I’ve feared this time more than the fast…