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Tom Coghill of, administrator Dr. Clare Lawlet, and the staff of St. Theodore’s Hospital of Sagada, Philippines at the entrance to the new integrative holistic wellness center.

A day at St. Luke's Medical Center

A day at St. Luke's Medical Center for meeting with the medical director and research department

Therapeutic Fasting Research Objectives

  1. To definitively prove through medical research that therapeutic fasting can be used in conjunction with allopathic healing methods for the prevention, reduction, control and cure of disease.
  2. To prove that therapeutic fasting addresses the root causes of cancer and disease.
  3. To examine the impact of therapeutic fasting on the immune system, lymphatic waste elimination, detoxification organs, cellular repair, catabolism and metabolism.
  4. Establish and publish a global database of therapeutic fasting and detoxification procedures.
  5. Create a global advisory group to offer expert opinion on the released research.
  6. Build a network for global publication/syndication of published research.
  7. Create a learning center for detoxification procedures with training at clinics and hospitals.
  8. Create a “poor man’s hospital” a place for a person without money where they can receive quality care in a holistic environment.

Present Status of the Fasting Research

St. Theodore’s Hospital of Sagada

Tom Coghill is presently in Sagada working with the administrator, Dr. Clare Lalwet of the St. Theodore’s Hospital on the integration of natural healing into standard medical practice focusing on cancer and chronic degenerative diseases using  therapeutic fasting, juicing, herbs, supplements, detoxification procedures and alternative treatment modalities.  Dr. Clare indicated that if the program is successful the other hospitals in the region, and the bigger institutions of the Phillipines may consider incorporating the holistic treament protocols and modalities presently being established at the St. Theodores Hospital.

Malapacao Fasting Retreat

Leeann Cruz, the owner of the health resort is presently preparing her data and web system for integration with the global research system on fasting and detoxing.

Fasting and Detoxification Network

The network is organized by Tom Coghill and is composed of websites and media that desire publication of the research. The present network includes:,,,,,,

Research Consultants

There are doctors, nurses, medical technologists, retreat and health spa owners, that have committed to this research.

Research Associates

These are companies that have detoxification products or programs that are contributing products for testing in combination with therapeutic fasting and detox procedure under medical supervision.

Research Contributors

Are companies or groups who contibuted research data on holistic treatment of terminal cancer patients and chronic conditions.

Research Sponsors

Companies or individuals who helped financed treatments for indigent patients. St. Theodore’s hospital is being managed by the St. Theodore of Tarsus Hospital Foundation, Inc.. Official receipts for charitable donations will be issued.

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