Elaine Harrison lost 40lbs. and healed stiffness in the spine.

Water Fasting: 13 days
Weight Loss: 40 lbs.
Healed: spinal stiffness
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

I was carnivorous in my eating; my diet was mostly fried or grilled meats. My favorite delicacy was the beef fat around the steak, after it is fried crispy. This diet continued with its monthly cold, anemia, and various related health problems that are considered “normal” such as a hysterectomy at the age of 24. Fortunately, I met Ron Harrison. in 1978 and he began discouraging my milk drinking, heavy salt use, white bread consumption, and insisted that I eat a few vegetables. At first I could only tolerate a very small token piece of green pepper or broccoli. Eventually, the pieces kept getting bigger until I was eating a whole piece. Now, Ron has to fight for his share of the vegetables. One of the most pernicious habits I had was always keeping a bowl of candy within 10 feet. As my diet improved, I found I did not need the lift from sugar.

Together with my husband, we searched for a better diet. We experimented with the Rotation Diet, Pritikin Diet, and Macrobiotics. None of these diets worked for us. Then we read Fit for Life in 1988. By adhering fairly strictly to Fit for Life principles, I lost 40 lbs. in eight months.

The improved diet heightened vigor, and encouraged me to take a 12-day water fast in Texas at T. C. Fry’s fasting facility in 1989. On the third day of the fast, I stopped sleeping for five days and nights. This was the body correcting an industrial accident that injured my tailbone ten years earlier. Specialists had told me that ” full flexibility could not be restored to the spine,” but after five days of fasting I could bend from my waist. Since I broke that fast, I have lived a hygienic-vegetarian diet for the last five years. Lately, I just water fasted for 13 days at Tom’s fasting retreat without any noticeable symptoms, indicating a high level of health.

By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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