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Solanum Nigrum (karakap)

Solanum nigrum (karakap) has many uses and is well documented. Its widely used in India and Philippines. Its young leaves are used in salads; ripe fruits are used for preparation of jam and filling for pies, and also in wine, spirit and canning industries.

It has many documented therapeutic benefits especially for cancer.

• Anti-Tumor / Im aboutmunomodulation: (1) Study showed the the crude polysaccharides isolated from S nigrum possess potent antitumor activity, possibly through activation of different immune responses in the host rather than a direct attack on cancer cells on cervical cancer bearing mice. It suggests a potential for use as an immunomodulator and anticancer agent. (2) Study showed extract of SN induced cell death in hepatoma cells via two distinct antineoplastic activities – the ability to induce apoptosis and autophagocytosis, suggesting potential for the treatment of liver cancer.

• Anti-Ulcer / Ulcer Healing Effects: Study showed Solanum nigrum extract provides antiulcer activity through blockage of acid secretion via inhibition of H+K+ATPase and decrease of gastrin secretion; its ulcer healing property might also be due to its antisecretory activity.

• Anti-Angiogenesis: Study showed Solanum nigrtum could inhibit the angiogenesis on chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM).

• Cytotoxicity / Anticancer: In a study evaluating the anticancer activity of the fruits of Solanum nigrum fruits, results showed the methanolic extract with greater activity on the HeLa cell line and little activity on the Vero cell line, suggesting use for its anticancer activity.

• Anti-Inflammatory: Study on the methanoli extracts of berries of S. nigrum showed good anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenan-induced paw edema.

• Antioxidant / Antihyperlipidemic: Study showed significant antioxidant and antihyperlipidemic activity of Solanum nigrum fruits, providing protection against ethanol-induced toxicity.

• Antihepatoma / Antihepatocarcinogenesis: Study showed SN water extract supplement significantly alleviated the AAF-induced hepatic injury and early hepatocarcinogenesis, as well as the AAF/NaNO2-induced lethal hepatoma, possibly from the overexpression of glutathione S-transferases, Nrf2 and antioxidant enzymes.

The First Test with Lung Cancer

Jamie Maxtone a congressman in Papau New Guinea treated his mother-in-law, who had lung cancer with karakap leaves juiced with fresh vegetable juices, and raw pig pancreas. He had told me the story of a man who was running from the law in Papua New Guinea and hid in the jungle. He and nothing to eat but Karakap leaves. Two weeks later he was cured of his disease and he had a spiritual awakening and turned himself in to the police. About 10 days after testing the new protocol he sent this email.

Tom, I could never believe this but it is truly working, she is recovering everyday, she’s walking, talking, laughing, sleeping, eating(only salad and liver/pancreas mix), drinking (green karakap juice and carrot juice), its really working. Our whole family are overjoyed, thanks to you.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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