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Tom Coghill - Mar 13th, 2010
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There are two ways to share information and ask questions making a  comment and a post.

How To : The make a post you log in and look for “posts”/”add new”

Title: It should be relevant to the text below.  I commonly change titles for clarity.

Text:  Use capitals and fix your spelling or it will not be approved.  If you cannot be bothered running a spell checker it is not worth posting.  If you are asking for advice, give the background.   Always state water of juice fast or we have to guess.  Give as much info as possible.   Post are like sending an article to a newspaper.  There are standards to be met.  The site gets 1/2 million readers a year.   It does not have to be perfect but it has to be worth reading.

Catagory: Check one box only. If it is a fasting question check the box for fasting questions.

Images: Images make the post more interesting.  Look for the upload/insert  which is just below the title.

Smilies for Post and Text

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  1. I am happy today that we have the new system up. Now we can see the new posts. The site is now quicker to load more aesthetic. We also changed the search page. If you find any bugs, let us know.
    We are still working on the category icons and right tables to remove duplicates.

  2. Just go to any page and at the bottom you can comment. Like you did here.

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