Juice Fasting Progress Report – 40 days for Osteoporosis

JCheals - Mar 22nd, 2010
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Diet/Eating lifestyle- Raw vegan (with occasional instances of eating cooked beans/lentils, vegetables, nuts seeds)


1. Medically, a case of SEVERE osteoporosis / Osteomalacia – with 60 percent bone loss

2. Supposed fracture of the right pubic bone, suspected additional minor fractures that do not show up on the X-ray since I walk very poorly (unlike my normal walk). My MRI appointment is a month away (praying that I am ok by then and they cannot find anything)


1. I cannot walk without a limp/pain, feel something is missing in the right pelvis which gives the illusion of my right foot being shorter (though it is not). Maybe, the bone needs some filling maybe as it is built up again. So am mainly confined indoors.

2. Cannot walk up or down the stairs without a good amount of support- even then it is stressful and not advisable for the time being.

3. Have pain in several places in the body, more so on the right side (some ribs, pelvic area generally, groin, hip bones, knees, right arm /shoulder blade, a few points in the spine, few spots on the outer side of the right leg/hip/ lower back.

5. Unable to carry any any weight or do exercise because of the fracture in the right pubic bone.

X-RAY REPORT- extracts from the report /radiologist’s opinion:


There is a a peculiar appearance to the inferior pubic ramii. The bone has a mixed sclerotic appearance with a lucent band seen near the respective pubic bone for each side. Given the bony dimineralization perceived in the bones, perhapas these represent looser lines of renal osteodistrophy or osteomalacia.

Lumbosacral Spine

I have the impression that the bones are diffusely demineralized


As I understand, it all began almost a couple years ago with excess jumping/dancing (with winter boots) for six straight months for over an hour five days a week – (excess physical jobs three months prior to that which might have slowly contributed to it) – and over-use of the body thereafter. Kept walking long distances and dancing despite because I did not take the pain/limp seriosuly enough- as I had no history of such pain/bone problems. Yes this all happened during the winter with no sunshine, and excess exposure to the cold due to inadequate layering. Also, I did a week long water fasting a couple of times- that took away the pain for the duration of the fast but tore something along the outer side of my legs when I carried some weight on mabe the seventh day of the fast- and that made things worse. It got better each time I ate low fat raw vegan food, but the pain/limp did not go fully despite that because I did not rest and eat well simultaneously. By this time, i could not eat too much because my bones were apparently not strong enough to carry my weightand that, coupled with lack of sunshine/vitmain D and continued activity, caused the fracture to happen! Had no idea Sunshine/Vitmain D was such a big deal. Now I do.

I seem to “know” that juicing is the answer- but have some questions and so indeed appreciate that this support can lend me the confidence I need to go forward and do it. Thank you Tom

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  1. The best thing you can do your your condition is a long term juice fasting of 20 to 40 days. A high protein diet can disrupt calcium metabolism within the body Juice fasting can reset the balance.
    I would add 1200 IU daily, and 4 tablespoons of essential oils to the juice fast. 2 table spoons of black strap molasses in hot water. You can juice from the following list of fruits or veggies that are high in calcium.
    Calcium Rich Vegetables
    Broccoli: A cup of Broccoli contains about 180 mg of calcium.
    Kale Cabbage: This is a type of cabbage which is most beneficial for health. Well, half a cup of kale contains 90 to 100 mg of calcium.
    Okra: Okra is not very rich in calcium, though it has a fair amount of calcium. Half cup of okra contains around 70 mg of calcium.
    Turnip Greens: You can get between 100 to 125 mg calcium in half cup, cooked turnip greens.
    Spinach: Spinach is also good when it comes to calcium content. There is around 300 mg of calcium in a single cup of spinach. Now we know, why is it the favorite food for Popeye!
    Alfalfa Sprouts: A cup of raw Alfalfa sprouts has 11 mg of calcium.
    A single boiled or raw artichoke has around 55 mg calcium content.
    Asparagus: Half a cup of boiled asparagus has around 21 mg of calcium. Likewise in raw asparagus, 1 spear, the calcium content is 3 mg and half cup canned asparagus has 18 mg of calcium.
    Canned Bamboo shoots: The calcium content in 1 cup of canned bamboo is 11 mg.
    Beets (Canned): Beet is fairly good in calcium content. In a cup of beet, the calcium content is 44 mg. A cooked beet dish a fair amount of calcium.
    Carrot: A single cup of canned carrot juice has 57 mg of calcium. Raw carrot on the other hand contains 42 mg calcium in a single cup.
    Celery: A single cup of raw celery has 41 mg of calcium content.
    Cauliflower: Boiled half cup of cauliflower has 10 mg calcium.
    Peeled, Raw Cucumber: A single cup of peeled, raw cucumber contains 17 mg calcium.
    Eggplant: A single cup of pickled eggplant contains 34 mg calcium.
    Garlic: A tea spoon of raw garlic has 5 mg calcium content.
    Lettuce-butterhead: A cup of raw, shredded lettuce contains 19 mg of calcium.
    Edible Mushrooms: One can of mushroom has 14 mg of calcium.
    Mustard Greens: A cup of chopped, boiled mustard greens contains 104 mg of calcium.
    Onions: One cup of of chopped and raw onions contains around 40 mg of calcium.
    Peas: a cup of boiled peas contains 34 mg of calcium.
    Green chillies: Canned green chillies contain 50 mg of calcium in a single cup.
    Tomatoes: In a canned paste of tomatoes, without salt, you would find around 94 mg of calcium. On the contrary, 1 cup of green, raw tomatoes has only 23 mg of calcium.
    Green Beans: Green beans have a calcium content of 55 mg, when they are boiled and a single cup of it is considered.
    Potatoes: A cup of raw and baked peeled potatoes contains 26 mg of calcium.
    Calcium Rich Fruits and Dry Fruits
    Apples: contain the highest amount of calcium in the form of juice. A cup of unsweetened apple juice has 17 mg of calcium, where as raw apples with skin and without skin have a calcium content of 8 mg and 6 mg, respectively.

    Grapes: Green grapes have a calcium content of 15 mg per cup. American grapes contain 13 mg of calcium per cup.
    Lemon: A cup of canned or bottled lemon juice contains 27 mg of calcium.
    Orange: One large raw orange has a calcium content of 74 mg.
    Pineapple: Canned, unsweetened, pineapple juice has 33 mg calcium in a single cup.
    Cherries: Sour cherries which are canned have 26 mg calcium in one cup and frozen cherries contain 20 mg calcium in a cup. Likewise, a cup of sweet frozen cherries has 31 mg calcium.
    Cranberry: 1 cup of whole raw cranberries has just 8 mg of calcium.
    Watermelon: A single cup of diced, raw watermelon has 11mg of calcium.
    Strawberries: This yummy red fruit has a calcium content between 25 mg to 35 mg in any form – canned, frozen or raw.
    Pomegranates: A single raw pomegranate has 5 mg calcium.
    Acai Berries: These have a fantastic calcium content, that is, 260 mg per 100 gm of acai berry powder.
    Mangosteen: A cup of mangosteen contains around 24 mg of calcium.
    Goji Berries: Dried Goji Berries, also called as wolf berries have a calcium content of 65 mg per 100 gm.
    Blueberries: A single cup of blueberries, canned or frozen has around 13 mg of calcium.

  2. JCheals says:


    Would you suggest enema in my case? How often is is normally suggested? Could you tell me the simplest method/s if necessary?

    Besides, how do I modify posts that I have already posted?

    Thank you

  3. I found that when I fast using an enema I feel less hunger and feel better, The stomach is also flat that feels good to. The drawback is that you have to go slow in breaking the fast. There are 2 thing on this site. Posts and comments. A post is this page at the top.
    A comment is what I have written. You cannot change posts once they have been made and published but an an admin can do that for you. Comment can only be deleted by and admin such as my self. I deleted the 2 comments that you asked.

  4. JCheals says:


    I certainly feel better. Stiffness has reduced. Pain is reducing too. But the main spot of injury (doctors call it a fracture in the right pubic bone) which causes me to limp is still to show major improvement. The pain/weaknes radiates to the whole leg and foot, and so still pretty sensitive, not strong enough, and in need of much more healing. Carrying any amount of weight hurts. Per the doctor, I should not even try to hold anything over five pounds and I agree (for now). But my energy levels are much higher generally.

    My appointment with the doctor is a week away- and per her estimate it would take a minimm of three months (but possibly six months to a year) for me to get better enough to think of working again. I sure would be happy to have a shorter recovery period and so lets see where this juicing journey that I have embarked upon leads me.

  5. JCheals says:


    Hi. I am happy to report that I continue to feel better. More freedom! I am still a little concerned about the limp in my right leg caused by the injured pubic bone. I am concerned about it healing correctly and am trying to listen to my body in how I can correct that. Cabbage juice helps for sure. When I had not started juicing, one big cabbage salad with avocado would clearly help bring the balance back and make the limp disappear.

    Here is the list of other improvements that have come since last week:

    1. Can sneeze freely without the fear of it causing pain
    2. Can sit with my legs folded (Indian style) – which I could not do as reely without it causing pain (not a hundred percent freedom yet but much better)
    3. Can get up in the morning without feeling as challenged as I used to -to rise and take the first few steps


    Apples -Three (medium)
    Potatoes-Two (medium)
    Taro (equal to two mid sized potatoes)
    Cabbage juice-Maybe 260 ml
    Pineapple -One (small)
    Mangoes -Four (medium)
    Strawberries- 1 LB
    Spinach- 200 grams
    Tomatoes-Four (medium)
    Aloe vera leaf (3 cms wide) -One inch
    Mung bean sprouts- Three to Four handfulls
    Orange Juice- 6 OZ
    Lime – One (medium)
    Black Strap Molasses- 2 sppons with hot water (thrice)
    Spirulina- 2 tea spoons


    Tom, am wondering if I should include one salad per day- or just increase the cabbage juice? Green smoothies with Bananas used to have the same effect but am not doing bananas since I started juicing. So should I just be patient with juicing or include one cabbage-avocado salads per day (which is easier than adding a whole lot of bananas) Would so appreciate your thougths.

    • Hi JCheals
      The limp may be due to a pinched nerve. Some stretching exercise of a chiropractor may help. Stick to the juice, eat a salad and you will get hungry and the pulp will fill the intestine and slow the detox.

  6. JCheals says:


    Thanks Tom.

    Also, I wanted to mention that I am craving foods like:
    1. Avocado
    2. Corn
    3. Boiled Lima Beans
    4. Boiled peas
    4. Baked potatoes
    5. Peanuts
    6. Almonds
    7. Brazil Nuts
    8. Sunflower seeds


    1. If you see a pattern in there?
    2. Does it mean that my body is craving phosphorus? Or a combination of phosphorus and calcium? I seem to think I have enough calcium going in through the greens, supplements and veggies. So it must be phosphorus? Today I included some good phosphorus sources like potatoes and taro and mung bean sprouts. Yestrday I included green beans and peas- and feel better as I make these additions. But maybe I need to increase the quantities / add more phosphorus sources
    3. Or are they just cravings for more concentrated foods? I did not think so since I am not craving other cooked foods as such.
    4. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  7. JCheals says:

    DAY EIGHT (1.55pm)

    IMPROVEMENTS – Stiffness has gotten even better. Pain has gotten better too. But the main area of injury/so-called fracture is still to heal because it was used and over-used for a long time before I stopped working/moving around – and so maybe that increased the damamge and thus the healing time.

    JUICING – Talking of juicing, I have included bean sprouts and mung sprouts in the juicing. If I were not juicing exclusively, I would have enjoyed eating the mung sprout fibre which smell like yummy crackers.

    So since today morning I had these juices:

    1. Mung sprouts, apples-10 oz
    2. Grapefruit-10oz
    3. Tomatoes, green onions, ginger, bok choy, cayenne pepper- with hot water added to make it it a hot soup-maybe 30 to 40 oz.

    SPIRULINA – I find spirulina very helpful- especially I drink it with warm water on an empty stomach. the healing seems to come through so much faster.

    VITMAINS -I dissolve them in warm/hot water and sometimes add blackstrap molasses. I hope to be free of vitmains soon.

    BLACK STRAP MOLASSES: Also, I figures that there are various kinds of Black strap molasses and the calcium / iron content varies. The first one I tried had 15% calcium and I felt really good after having it. Next few times, I had other brands of black strap with less calcium/iron content but they did not seem as effective. Actually I even broke out into a rash with one paricular brand.

    LOWER BACK – I feel my lower back has stengthened somewhat compared to before though there is still more healing to happen.


    My limp has still not gone- am a little worried. I hear a cracking sound when I lift my right leg up and down- feels like something is dislocated but if that were the case how would I feel better with eating more of certain foods. One time, I did feel movement of something when I forced myself to walk a few months ago – could that be a pinched nerve? The pelvis x-ray did not capture it. Wonder if they should have also x-rayed the femur? Any advice? My MRI is three weeks away- and asking for prayer that the heal happens correctly.

    More in a day or two…

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