Progress Report (psoriosis, weightloss)

brightstarleo - Mar 22nd, 2010
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I have started my fast today. I have reduced my medication ( citalopram) to 10mg per day and intend to phase this out over the next 2 weeks.

Reasons For Fasting

I recently separated from my husband – who had an affair I discovered at Christmas. I have ate total rubbish since and self medicated with chocolate. I have psoriosis on my ankle and it reacts to emotions. I have been scratching this until it bleeds ( not nice but true) . I am in a mental rut right now and it is constant thoughts about my husbands affair. I am generally a very happy optimistic person but am sure in a rut here.I am so grateful to have a wonderful 3 year old daughter but I am still mentally stuck . I am hoping fasting will just give me a break. I want to stop eating rubbish and quieten down. Certainly to loose 20 or 30Lb would be a MASSIVE help to self esteem as I have always wanted to be 8 stone something.. but never ever been close.

I have a juicer and get organic foods delivered from local farm. I am just juicing whatever arrives in the vegebox.

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Quote From the Books

Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana which is good news as chocolate smoking is legal. — Tom Coghill

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  1. Hi brightstarleo
    You are on the right track by entering a fast. I have fasted through all the darkest days of my journey through life and was given peace, direction and healing. To help your skin problem ass essential oils, 4 tablespoons daily and 1200 IU vitamin E.

  2. brightstarleo says:

    Hi Tom , thank you for your reply. I am feeling much better already and will get the oils you suggest for my psoriasis. The fasting is going really as I no longer feel hungry. I have a feeling of contentment that I haven’t felt for such a long time. I do feel very much colder and need to wear 2 jumpers. I have not weighed myself as I want to just listen to my body at this point.All the juices I have are cold and I don’t many herbal teas really so need to find a suitable warm drink for fasting.

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