Dry Fasting

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Dry fasting is the most difficult and powerful detoxification possible. Dry fasting is not for beginner fasters. Dry fasting need a preparation of a few days on juice then water fasting at least one day to be fully effective. Dry Fasting and Dehydration During... 


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  • Need A Fasting Buddy? Post Here (377)
    • Mel: Hey Everyone, I’m looking for a fasting buddy. I cannot seem to get past day 4 of water fast (and herbal tea) after preparing with juice. Not sure why, it’s almost an unconcious act.. However each time I ‘break’ it, it just makes me more determined. I’m 25 and...
    • Alexandra: Hi Karen, Today was my 11th day, I brisk walked 1.5 hours, had only half a glass of juice and half a coffee mug full of vegetable broth. This time I really didn’t do it on purpose, my juicer broke! However starting tomorrow I will take in a bit more juice and we’ll see what...
    • Alexandra: Hi Tom, then it is no wonder I have been having such a hard time! I really do want to cleanse my body all the toxic buildup, not only fat but cellulite as well. I am afraid if I drink more juice I will considerably slow down. I kind of feel like I rather suffer and get it all out....
    • Karen: Alex I have lost a total of eight lbs, I actually lost that in the first 4 days. I have lost a couple inches in waist and hips though so am seeing some results. Jolene Even though I am at day 9 and this is my first fast, I would be happy to keep in touch. I have read most of the posts on...
    • Jolene: Hi, I am starting my FIRST juice fast next Monday, June 1st for 10 days and my husband will not fast with me! I am fasting for detoxification purposes and am looking for someone who will be fasting around the same time to exchange supportive emails with. Basically, I just want someone to...
    • alex: How much weight have you lost so far?
    • Karen: This is my first fast. I am on day 9 and am still having 3 glasses of juice a day. I have had a few times that were difficult, but not too bad. I have still been cooking for my family which is pretty hard, because I like to cook and I like to eat. But if I can do both responsibly that will...
    • alex: Hi Karen Thanks il try to keep that in mind! Have you been successful?
    • Karen: I don’t know. I think your writing is pretty valuable ! There are really a ton of people out there that don’t know what their talking about. Thanks for your help Tom. As for keeping on track Alex, for me so far it has been pure determination. I don’t want to take...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Amanda You can post there is fine. No post away. This is how this site works. I think the page fasting club was the page designed for sharing which is so very important to encourage others. Even more valued than my writing.
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Amanda, Do you have a juicer or are you blending. If not you can get one cheap at the thrift shops. The max benefits are with a juicer.
    • alex: ok thanks! i am starting my fast today! what do you do to keep on track?
  • Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly (120)
    • Rachael Young: I would really like some advice, although I eat a healthy diet, I have been drinking lots of alcohol and also taking co-codamol a bit and decided I want to go on a water fast to flush it all out as I started having liver pains, and, although I am ‘underweight&# 8217;(5ft...
  • Exercise During Fasting? (11)
    • leo: hello i was just wondering is it safe to workout during a 40day fast am doing 3days without water then 2days with just fruits and veggies then 2days when i dont eat til dinner(but eat healthy) then back to the 3days with just water etc.etc. that equals 40days
  • Fasting Weight Loss Rates for Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and Dry Fasting. (338)
    • Audra: Hi All!! Today is day 21 of my water fast. I think I might start juice tomorrow. I’ve lost 27 lbs so far. Im also going to start walking 4 miles a day tomorrow.
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Shan, I recommend starting with juice fasting using a juicer. It make the detox less intense and has greater therapeutic benefits. Then after 3 to 5 days you can go to water for a few day then back to juice. You will lose less weight. Enen so you body will normalize to a health...
  • Fasting Club Jan 2009 (323)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Shaun, Wow 40 days, outstanding. If you still have excess fat and feel good you can continue to fast.
  • Fasting Reactions:Bad Breath, Blackouts, Cankers, Chills, Colds, Diarrhea, Nausea, Nervousness, Skin Problems, Tiredness. (4)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Burverve, It take a few time using the enema to get the colon clean. Best is 2 times a day on the first day, once a day for 2 days, then once every 2 to 3 days after that.

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