Dry Fasting

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Dry fasting is the most difficult and powerful detoxification possible. Dry fasting is not for beginner fasters. Dry fasting need a preparation of a few days on juice then water fasting at least one day to be fully effective. Dry Fasting and Dehydration During... 


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  • Fasting Club Jan 2009 (183)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Kels, Try using an enema 2 x on the first day. NO HUNGER.
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Roy, It is sent to your email. The instuctions are rough as I am experimenting. So far an extraction using fat and alcohol seems to have the best results.
    • Tom Coghill: Aurelia Usually skin problems are healed through long juice fasting. I would take vitamin E, 4x 400 IU daily, and 3 table spoons for essential oils such as Udo’s choice. Parsley has the highest nutrient content with the lowest calories. You could ad in some stevia. But it needs...
    • jen: guys!!!!!! im down 20 lbs!!!! wow its awsome, I’m fasting for the next three days and going for raw fruits and veggies this weekend some carbs monday and tuesday and then fasting again thursday through friday. Its working, not only is the weight loss making me feel and look fantastic...
    • Aurelia: First, Tom, I would like to say I am sorry I was not able to respond sooner, but yes, I have been and will continue to pray for Theresa. As far as the spirituality of fasting I slipped and had to start over. I am now on day five of a mostly water fast. (For energy sake I am drinking...
    • Kels: I just did 2 days on a juice fast and got really hungry so i had a healthy salad and soup. My goal is to do a 7 day juice fast so I figure I will have to work my way up and get my body prepared. This site is very motivational and is a great support group. Kels
    • Roy: HI Tom, Thank you for the information, Chemo will be the next on my list after the fasting, please send me more detail pertaining to extracting method so that i can explore more into it, Regards, Roy
    • mmk: Thanks, Tom, and God bless. I will check in regularly and I will keep up the good word.
    • Pastor Jim: Tom, Thank you for the information. Makes sence to me. It is neat the way my nose is totally open (my wife appreciates it to). But what is absent from my body during a fast that clears up the sinus cavitys? Can it be maintained without a fast. I’ll come back on day 30 to post....
    • Neil: Looking For A Fasting Partner! Relatively new to fasting and keen to hook up with others on the journey. I have gone through a relatively difficult last 3 years and am seeking God for a breakthrough in the areas of health, direction and purpose. I am based in the UK, friendly and non...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Roy, We have found that some cancers respond very quickly to fasting and others seem to master the low glucose state and starts to regrow. The greatest, natural cancer cure is cannabinoids. If you search on Google “run from the cure” The research on tumor retardation...
  • Nicotine Cigarette Tobacco Addiction (6)
    • Tom Coghill: Bettter to fast and smoke than not to fast. You will limit the benifits but try to cut down, or use the patch.
    • Aurelia: Anna, I smoked for almost 20 years, heavily for about 16. I have tried many methods to quit. I quit smoking for 6 months on the patch a few years ago. However, I truly did not have the desire in my heart to quit. As soon as I was around smokers again I started having smoking desires. It...
    • Anna: I want to fast, and I never did, But i do smoke pretty heavily. If i smoked while fast is it going to ruin everything? how do i quit:(
  • Fasting Teenagers (58)
    • John: During these few weeks iv been fasting myself should fasting be a good idea to lose weight? I eat morning and afternoon
  • Fasting Restrictions (11)
    • Kay: Thanks Tom. I’m taking it slow and steady. Was a little weak and nauseous today, but otherwise so far so good. The banana and proteins certainly seem to be slowing the process, but for some reason I always struggle to drink enough. Tomorrow I plan to cut out the banana and will really...
  • Need A Fasting Buddy? Post Here (198)
    • justlovely: hello! i need a fasting partner. (: i’m 17, 5′6 and 152 lbs. i’m planning on doing a 40 day water fast. yes, i have done fasts in the past. quite a few, actually. anywhoo, i need a buddy to share my accomplishments with! tata for now!
  • Fasting Cancer Treatment Stage 4 Theresa (5)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Rhet, Here is what I have seen. The bruess diet and be very effective. The amount of juice 1/2 liter daily is enough to boost the immune system and allow catabolsim. The cancer seem to be able to grow without any protien in very thin patient indicating the it is pulling its...

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Ok, I now know just how messed up I am. The chapters on the emotions and eating hit home. I am planning a fast but, I know that I need to rebuild and cleanse my mind of all the toxic thinking and emotions that make me want to hide in the pleasures of food. I feel alive for the first time in many years. Keep on going, Tom you have helped me more than my words can express. — Suzie Bilinere

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