Fasting or Starvation

January 6, 2008 | 287 views

There is a vast difference between fasting and starving. During the absence of food, the body will systematically cleanse itself of everything except vital tissue. It continually readjusts to make minimum demands on reserves. Starvation will occur... 


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  • Fasting- How Much Juice or Water Per Day (173)
    • Nick: Hi Tom, Thanks for your last responese. I am also concerned about the sugar in unsweetened orange juice (from the supermarket). How much is OK to drink in a day? what other juices are best? Carl Don’t have a juice extractor yet Thanks, Nick
    • Tom Coghill: Jessica, I do the same if I am water fasting. If I have to do something that demands energy I have some juice and the energy boost is amazing. The foods you think about during a fast can create metal triggers that from urges for those foods after a fast. Try to think of health meals...
    • sjh: Hello, I am wanting to detox and colon cleanse. Is it possible to colon cleanse without having to buy the expensive products. I have been fasting for 7days and feel great.
    • summer: Hey Tom, I was just wondering: I have done a water fast before, about week ago, but just for three days. By the end of the first day and beginning of the second day I was feeling dizzy and lethargic, as well as really hungry. I’m now aiming for a 14 day water fast, and am currently...
    • Nick: I would like to know the difference to fasting if I use Orange juice that I buy from the supermarket shelf in a cartoon versus fresh orange juice. Would the cartoon unsweetened version do any harm to the fast or can it also work?
    • Catharine: Day 8……. WOW! Such an achievement. I don’t think I’m the only paraplegic in the world attempting a fast, so maybe if somewhere there’s someone interested, I can say that not being able to move so much, my body took it’s time with the detoxification...
    • Lynn: Hey Tom, love the site! I am on day 21 of a water fast. i have lost about 24 pounds. Unfortunately, I have been drinking black regular coffee to stave off hunger. I also take a multi-vitamin, B-complex, and Celexa. I am also doing a whole body cleanse with a once a week enema. I have today...
    • Ona: Hi Tom, Hi All, Day 9 and still stable… Still full of energy. I keep waiting for my body to start feeling fatigued, but so far, so good. I haven’t had a lot of detox stuff this time round - I think it must be because I’ve been eating so clean this last year. Maybe also...
    • sjh: Thx tom, I have cut back on the coffee alot and replaced it with flavored water, like aquafina. I have noticed a tremandous difference. I have added 1 tomato in the afternoon to help with my digestion, in other words to get my body to have bowel movements, unless taking fiber is ok on a fast.
  • Commonly Asked Fasting Questions (2)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Patrick Fasting is the best thing for your liver. The best is beet, carrot celery, apple, lemon made with a juice extractor. You should do at least a 3 day juice fast before attempting a water fast. The liver recovers very quickly with fasting. Just type liver in the search box of...
    • patrick: I am really intrested in fasting and detoxification. However, i have high liver enzymes and a fatty liver problem is fasting bad for my liver.
  • Fasting Needs Determination to Stay Focused & Succeed! (2)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Helen, You will be amazed at the benefits of fasting for asthma. Even in a few days you will feel a marked difference. And fasting is often life-changing. It was for me.
    • Helen: Iam an asthmatic- is it save to fast. I really want to fast for reasons that I beleive this fasting will turn my life positive.. Need your advise. Regards Helen
  • Dry Fasting (15)
    • Jess: Hi MK I will be goin off my fast in about 10 days…what did you do wrong that affected you much? I am scared to eat and hoping I dont get sick Thanks Jess

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At the end of the 17-day fast, a physical problem was gone. My doctor had told me I had a stomach reflex disease and would have to take pills for the rest of my life, but after the fast I no longer had that disease; I was completely healed. Thanks Tom, your books and support was fabulous. — Grace Lang

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