Fasting Cured: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Arrhythmias and Arthritis.

October 20, 2008 | 1,795 views

Name: Moreno Lindawan Tuguinay Age: 67 years old Occupation: Retired Clergyman of the Episcopalian Church in the Philippines (Anglican). Presently connected with St. Theodore’s Hospital as Chaplain. Treatment Method: Juice Fasting Days of Fasting:... 


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  • Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly (53)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Ashley, Using the enema drastically reduces hunger. The level of hunger changes per person. Some have no hunger. Usually water fasting causes the least amount of hunger. The the cost of a few dollars and some minor discomfort it is worth the try.
    • Ashley: Hello, I have a few questions for my husband. He has completed three 5-day water fasts this year. Right now he is on day #8 of his longest water fast. He plans to go 10-11 days. He says he has never reached a place that he isn’t VERY hungry - in fact it seems to get worse the longer...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi nerissa The first 3 days can be the worst. The longer you fast the easier it gets.
  • Rudolf Breuss Cancer Cure (7)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Eugenya, Sorry for the delay as we were traveling. As to chondrosarcoma (cancer of cartilage)there are no cases or documentation. I would say the the Breuss cure is your best primary treatment. You cannot lose by trying it. So far we are having excellent results. The hardest part...
    • eugenya: tom please respond . i really need your answer.
    • eugenya: and else i cannot use any alternative therapy (already tried) it causes tumor to grow. god please help me. if you know any people that cured chondrosarcoma with breuss fasting please tell me about it!….
    • eugenya: the tumor is on ma back . same area were the heart is.
  • Cannabis, Smoking Pot, Weed, Research (24)
    • nat: Being a former pot and cigarette smoker I can tell you from my personal experience that smoking cigarette’s is way worse than smoking pot, they can take thier “scientific research” and stick it. I was coughing and hacking everyday, I would wake up in the morning and I...
  • Fasting Weight Loss Rates for Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and Dry Fasting. (117)
    • Tom Coghill: Juice fasting and exercise cannot damage the body. I have pushed the limit many times and although it is hard to do the body feels better after. Anorexia is a state of mind base on low self-esteem. It is not triggered by fasting.
    • sbiedr01: I’m so glad I found this website!! I’m 19 and I just read the book “Skinny Bitch”, which is what led me to the fast that I started yesterday. I’ve never done it, nor agreed with it until I read that it was actually good for your body. Although after reading...
  • Antioxidants (2)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Dejan, No research available, but it will cure, with prolonged juice fasting. We will help you if you are willing to provide photo documentation of the recovery of the affected areas. You case would be published if you agree. Email me with you phone and the best contact times and...
    • dejan: Do you have any information on fasting and hidradenitis suppurativa?
  • Water Fasting - An Introduction (31)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Yosef, A 30 day juice fasting will cure high cholesterol and blood pressure. Yes to the green tea.
    • Yosef Abraham: Can I drink decaf green tea while water fasting ? How long should I fast to lower cholesterol and blood prerssure ? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT ! Yosef Abraham
  • Need A Fasting Buddy? Post Here (23)
    • Lindsey: Hey Y’all!! I’m 20 years old and starting tomorrow on a 42day water fast. I have completed 3 30-day water fasts over the past 3 years ( one a year always in the winter months) and am challenging myself to add another 2 weeks in length. I am 5′5″ and 110 pounds. In...
    • cczo: Hi Abraham - yes, I would like to start a 3 week fast. I plan on starting tomorrow. I tried today and only made it until dinner time. I think having a fasting buddy would be great. I need a support system.
  • Fasting Blackouts Dizziness (1)
    • Yosef Abraham: Shalom all ! Can someone please help me out……I have been water fasting for 3 days now and I was wondering if I can drink decaf green tea while fasting ? Also , how long do I have to fast to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure. I want off of my blood pressure...
  • Breaking A Fast: Guidelines (4)
    • Cesar: excellent article… fasting will cure your mind body and soul and if people follow directions and give it a try they would experience the greatest feeling and health ever. dont be afraid to try….

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