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Fasting Weight Loss Rates and M .:.

Fasting Weight Loss Rates and Metabolism Types

There are three body types: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Your body type will affect your fasting weightloss rates.

Fasting And Metabolism

Fasting And Metabolism

Question about metabolism damage by fasting If I completed a 30 day fast, how damaging would it be to my metabolism. I mean right now my metabolism is fairly decent I think. But from what I've read, a fast will slow it down.

Protein Deficiency During Catab .:.

Protein Deficiency During Catabolism

A person fasting 40 days on water will not suffer a deficiency of protein, vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids. In the breakdown of unhealthy cells, all essential substances, which are mostly protein, are reused and cons