Starting & Persevering on a Fast

January 26, 2008 | 432 views

I can’t count the number of fasts I blew when I first tried fasting. It was like trying to get on a slippery surfboard. As soon as I felt confident, something bad would happen and I would eat and break the fast. Failing was never easy for me, smacking... 


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  • Fasting- How Much Juice or Water Per Day (130)
    • Tom Coghill: Weight loss can drop to 1/2lb to 1 lb after 3 weeks of juice or water fasting. The body becomes more and more efficient and needs less calories. This efficiency is a sign of health. If you want to be thin, take up long distance running, or swimming. I have never seen a fat one yet....
    • Tom Coghill: You can fast directly from drug addiction and junk food. Breaking a fast correctly needs discipline and establishing a healthy lifestyle. If you fast from a a toxic diet then after the fast you have to learn how to eat, you can blow breaking the fast. If is good to have a healthy...
    • Kristen: Hi Tom, Thanks for the advice. I’ve already made HUGE changes to my diet longterm, but the weight loss has been slow. Like most women, losing a few pounds per month is just not enough, so I’ve decided to use fasting as a jump-start. I also like the added benefit of the...
    • Aliceceila: Hi Tom, Firstly, like many others have said, I’d like to say how great you have made this site. I have been reading through the many questions and responses and I believe juice fasting would be very beneficial to me. I would like to start as soon as possible but I believe you...
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Anne, I would drink according to need. You will drink less on a water fast as your body does not need water for digestion. Kidney failure caused by fasting is around 50 to 100 days of water fasting. If you are health there is no worries. Tom
    • Anne: Tom, How much water should I drink per day on a water fast? I need to lose 20lbs in 2 weeks. Is it rare to get kidney failure during a water fast? Also, how do you get a kidney failure? Thanks
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Sharon If you exercise, eat salads, cut out heavy fatty foods and junk food you will maintain the weight loss permantently.
    • Sharon Woodington: Tom, How do I break a fast without gaining much of my weight back? Thanks.
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Annie, Yes it is possible to lose 25 lbs. in 15 days and more. Seven days is enough to break the fast. I recommend buying a juice extractor and drinking some juice if you feel weak or herbal tea sweetened with honey.
    • annie: Hey Tom, I need help. I’m a 22 year old weighing at 128lbs standing at 5′0. I want to lose about 25lbs in 15 days on a water fast, is that possible? I have a wedding to attend in 20 days. Also, should I take 15 days to slowly get off the fast. Thanks!!!
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Kristen, With a 7 day water fast behind you accomplished a lot. How much weight did you lose on that fast. You get get a good idea with your past weight loss rate. I always recommend long term programs for weight loss and a total change of thinking. is another...
    • Tina: Hi, I started a 7 day juice fast today (for health reasons).have tried twice before but always failed on day 2 around lunch time…hmmm hopefully will do better this time around. Im curious about the need for an enema. Never done one before. must i do one?? is there some thing i can...
    • Faith: Hey Tom… What are the cons of going into a fast without pre-fasting? I find it difficult to eat only fruits and veggies a week prior to fasting…If I just dive into it after eating normally then what should I expect? Thanks, Faith
  • Fasting Testimony - healed kidney & liver damage, leg muscle spasms, tiredness, loss of sex drive, poor memory, depression. (2)
    • Robert Dave Johnston: Roughly four years ago I was 60 pounds overweight and very sick from intestinal toxicity and a liver condition that was getting worse. Also suffered from deep depression and spent most of my time in isolation and bitterness. One day I started fasting basically out of...

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