Paul Erwin lost 12lbs. and increased energy.

Juicing and Health Eating Testimony (Christian)
Healed: Tiredness
Lost: 12 lbs.
Location: Pickering, ON, Canada

A United Church pastor, and very skeptical about fad diets. I would not have changed my diet except I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, back pain and constant digestive problems which sapped my vitality — not to mention middle age spread. These were my incentives to make changes in my eating habits.

Tom came to my church one day and talked to me about fasting and found me intrigued but noncommittal, although I found his enthusiasm and sincerity infectious. Tom joined the church I served. He frequently spoke to me about the importance of nutrition and fasting.

Other friends had already mentioned that my ailments were toxin induced. I had read Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. The book gave a believable and scientific context for the claims made by nutritionists and made a convincing argument for the benefits of dietary change. I was convinced of the possible benefits. I bought a juicer, filled the refrigerator with fruits and vegetables, and started to eat according to the principles I understood. I stopped mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal to reduce the stress on my digestive system.

In the mornings I made fresh fruit juices and ate fruit till noon. Not only did I eat more selectively of nutritious foods, I gave up the coffee habit. These simple dietary changes have given me wonderful dividends in health and vitality. I lost 12 pounds of weight without even trying. My digestive system has healed and my arthritis is slowly improving. I feel better and more energetic without the need for the caffeine crutch. My increased vitality was brought home to me one morning after a nearly sleepless night as an on-call chaplain in our local hospital. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but instead I had an energetic and fulfilling day.

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