Water Fasting -Intense Back Pain

Back Pain is common during water fasting if there was a past injury.

Hey Tom,

I was planning on doing a long water only fast, however by the 5th day I was having terrible back pain.  I was so upset that I was going to quit, but I could not stand the pain – I was getting no sleep at night and could hardly function during the day.   I know it was caused by toxins in the low intestines, but would one enema have cleared it up?  I have had two bowel movements since I quit, but I still have alot of back pain when I lay down.  Can you give me more information about the back pain – since you would not have a bowel movement until the end of the fast, would the pain have continued the whole time?   I was having alot of pain in my shoulders and legs too, but I felt that that would end as the toxins were released, but I was afraid the toxins in the small intestines could only be released by bowel movements/enemas.

Thank you!


Hi Linda,

Yea using the enema can reduce back pain.   Not sure why but it may be the there is a connection between the lymph of the lower colon and the nerves surrounding the spine.  You should not be water fasting.  Juice fast using 6 tablespoons of essential oils daily with a B complex and vitamin E.  Once the pain is gone you can water fast.

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2 Responses to Water Fasting -Intense Back Pain

  1. guy the artist says:

    Hello everyone, this my second water fast, I’m up to a week now and it’s going very well, except for this backache when I lay down to sleep.

    My first fast last year was 8 days long and I had to stop because of work, and of vomiting bile. What kept me from sleeping that time was the pain in the gums of my mouth.

    This time I would like to go 2 weeks, but these backaches are starting to get to me. I took a bath to help, it was so good that I was falling asleep, it scared me. I’ve put hot water bottles and it somewhat helped also, didnT try cold yet though…

    For now I think I will try to lay down/sleep for 2 hours, then get up when the pain is to much and there are no position I can maintain, than go back to bed after an hour or two. What I don’t understand is that most of the pain goes away when I am sitting or standing up??? Would a salt flush be a solution to this??

    Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

  2. katharina says:

    Try doing an enema… That will help the body in releasing toxins. Like this the body is releasing toxins any way it can. I too had backaches and stomach aches and each time i felt them i would right away preform an enema and each time it worked. You may need to do more than one so be prepared. It is just a sign that your body is getting rid of toxins.