Fasting's inward path leads to a rebirth of dreams and goals, healing, and 
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Intestinal Bacteria


Inside a healthy lower intestine are billions of beneficial intestinal bacteria or microflora. These bacteria are of the bifidus and acidophilus strains and were transferred by breast-feeding into our intestines as newborn infants.

The acidophilus and bifidus are used by the body in the final stages of digestion. They do this work and reproduce themselves in total harmony with the body. Toxins, especially drugs, can damage or destroy these beneficial bacteria, allowing harmful bacteria to take over. Harmful bacteria produce by-products like ammonia, purines and ethionine, which can cause cancer. Deficiencies of beneficial bacteria are common. especially after heavy use of antibiotics, narcotics or after a severe bout of diarrhea. The devitalizing effect caused by harmful bacteria in the intestine is rarely diagnosed. Headaches, skin infections, weakness and constipation can be symptoms of depleted intestinal bacteria.  


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