Fasting's inward path leads to a rebirth of dreams and goals, healing, and 
                            weight loss but greatest of all, a deepened intimacy with God.


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Sharon's Fasting Testimony 

I inherited Hyperlipidemia, a genetic high cholesterol condition, through my fathers side. He died of a heart attack when I was a young girl, and then a blood test determined that I carried the same gene. The doctors always wanted me on meds, and Ive gone on and off them, in hopes that dietary and lifestyle changes will help me, plus Ive always had an interest in fasting.

I started getting interested in health and fasting about 8-9 years ago, although I didnt put much of it into practice. 12 years ago, after I gave my life to the Lord and was newly married, I started to eat a more Biblically kosher diet, rediscovering and appreciating my Jewish ancestry. Yet I still did eat a lot of junk and processed foods.

One day when my Equal-half and I were listening to a Christian radio station, we heard a biochemist speaking about how to live a long, healthy disease-free life. He spoke of also being biblically kosher and eating whole foods, drinking plenty of distilled water and fasting. We immediately ordered a set of his tapes and subsequently I threw out a bunch of unhealthy stuff from our kitchen cupboards, especially the 3 evil white substances: salt, white flour and sugar. We were doing pretty well up until we met some nice new friends who had a house full of processed foods and sooner or later we fell back into our bad habits.

During 3 pregnancies I had to rely on natural treatments and remedies for certain ailments, which got me more interested in natural healing. About 5 years ago, my pastor was talking about Paul Bragg and his books and how they were so right on nutritionally. I ordered several books and made my mind up to start fasting regularly and eat more natural foods again. It had a lot of information about eating 80-90% raw food. I went on and off this way of life several times.

 I was intrigued after reading about eating a high raw diet, and after further research I decided to dive in and experience rawing for myself. Although I knew about whole foods before, it never occurred to me that raw is the most nutritious and easiest on the human body to assimilate, and that the body has a much harder time trying to process cooked foods.

I am more determined than ever to eat a pure diet and enjoy a healthy life. The support I have found here at Freedomyou is unparalleled to any other. I could not have gotten this far had I not made beautiful friends and formed the wonderful relationships as I have here. This site has been a complete blessing in enriching a healthy lifestyle balanced with a sound spiritual walk.

I was blessed to become part of the Freedomyou team as a moderator in January 2002. I truly enjoy communicating with those who come and have questions, especially about nutrition, food and raw support! I am still in the learning process myself and have a long journey ahead of me, so I love to share what works for me, and things I have learned along the way.

I invite you to come and learn everything you can about fasting, healing, nutrition and exercise. If you have a question, chances are someone else asked the same thing at one time or another. The message boards are a great place for that. The search engines within the message boards are very helpful. If you dont have a question, but a concern about your own health, chances are youll find people just like yourself.

Most of us have found Freedomyou because we were searching for answers beyond conventional western medicine. Although we do not claim to be practitioners in the field of medicine, many of us can answer questions based on our personal experience and what has worked for us, as well as offer prayer, support and a sense of community to you.

I look forward to our journey of healing together!


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